Fluff Bakery: Bandung Cupcake & Other Flavours With Liquid Surprise Centres Rotated Weekly At Haji Lane

Cupcakes have always been an adorable dessert to me — it’s a miniature fluffy cake, encased lovingly in a wrapper, graced with a swirl of frosting, and then finally finished off with little sugar toppings like red hearts and rainbow sprinkles.

But Fluff Bakery changed the game the minute they filled their fluffy cupcakes with unique liquid centres, such as teh tarik custard, liquid cheesecake, lemon curd and salted caramel. Located at Jalan Pisang, this artisanal halal bakery sells all kinds of drool-worthy bakes, such as cupcakes, cakes and cookies.

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Honestly, if I wasn’t looking for the bakery, I wouldn’t notice it was there.

Its storefront is ordinary, with Tiffany blue and white-washed walls, potted plants and glimpses of cupcake stands through a window. The only way I could identify the bakery was through its logo.

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The minute you step inside, it’s as if you’re being transported to a quaint little space that makes you feel entirely warm and safe.

Rustic light bulbs hang from the ceiling, white bricks and Tiffany blue window panels line the walls of the store, and the amazing smell of fresh bakes wafts through the entire store.

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The first thing I tried was one of its signature flavours. The Nutella Red Velvet cupcake (S$4) looks similar to a lot of other iconic red velvet cupcakes, complete with tiny red sprinkles on the peak of the cream cheese frosting.

Fluff Bakery 04473

The red velvet cake itself was fluffy, moist and sweet, while the rich cream cheese frosting was slightly salty and tangy, but immensely dense.

However, the minute you bite into the cupcake, a gorgeous liquid mess of chocolatey Nutella oozes out. I’m not a huge fan of sweet desserts, but this made me an instant fan. The liquid centre was sticky sweet, almost honeyed-like even. You could taste the nuttiness of the Nutella filling and the richness of chocolate as well.

Every bite took me back to my childhood days when I’d spread a thick layer of Nutella on bread and have that for breakfast. Imagine topping that sandwich with rich cream cheese, and replacing the bread with soft and fluffy cake. Mmmm!

Fluff Bakery 04488

Another of their signature flavours, the Salted Caramel cupcake (S$4) is a vanilla cake base with mascarpone frosting and salted caramel drizzle.

Can you guess what its liquid centre filling is?

Fluff Bakery 04428

That’s right, salted caramel! The vanilla cake was sweet and the salted caramel had a surprisingly salty zest to it, while the mascarpone frosting was buttery, airy and light.

However, the salted caramel filling was more chewy than molten though, which was slightly disappointing; it felt like chewing a salted caramel sweet and had little caramel bits stuck to my teeth.

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Apart from its two signature cupcakes, Fluff Bakery changes the rest of its cupcake menu weekly and presents six other new cupcake flavours. Fun fact: they’ve made over a hundred cupcake flavours to date since they opened in 2013!

While we were there, we tried their Ferrero Roche cupcake (S$4). The chocolate cake base is filled with Nutella and hazelnut, frosted with Nutella cream and topped with milk chocolate and a chopped hazelnut dip.

Fluff Bakery 04440

Warning: there’s no way to eat this cupcake without getting your mouth dirty. The milk chocolate and chopped hazelnut dip were frozen, and the minute I bit into it, there was an amazing burst of milk chocolate cream. It was fluffy and airy, and reminded me of a lighter version of chocolate whipped cream.

The chocolate cake base itself was rich and intense, like a molten and moist brownie. The surprise Nutella & hazelnut liquid centre flowed out almost effortlessly.

True to its name, it really felt like I had just eaten an entire Ferrero Roche because of the hard hazelnut crust, along with the flowing liquid from the milk chocolate cream and Nutella & hazelnut centre.

Fluff Bakery 04492

Another one of their weekly flavours was the Bandung cupcake (S$4), which was a cupcake filled with bandung custard and topped with condensed milk frosting.

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While bandung itself tends to be overly sweet, with an excessive amount of condensed milk added to our rose syrup drink, I absolutely loved this cupcake because of how fruity, fluffy and light it was. No wonder this is such a crowd favourite.

The bandung custard filling was almost jam-like in texture. Coupled together with the moist sponginess of the bandung-infused cake base, the refreshing sweetness of the rose syrup immediately filled my entire mouth. It was so fragrant!

Topping the entire cupcake off was a condensed milk frosting, which was surprisingly light. It wasn’t overly sweet, which was something I was really thankful for. Instead, it was like a little cloud of milk, which balanced off the moderate sweetness from the rose syrup.

Fluff Bakery has definitely got this recipe’s flavours spot on, because a single bite of this cupcake instantly made me feel like I was sipping on an authentic bandung drink.

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Other than fluffy cupcakes with molten centres, Fluff Bakery also sells multi-layered cakes that have unique and innovative flavours too.

What I tried that day was one of its staple flavours: the Ondeh Ondeh cake ($6.80/slice, whole cake from S$45). It’s a pandan cake with coconut cream, gula melaka bits and toasted coconut, and topped off with coconut cream frosting.

Fluff Bakery 04521

I don’t know how it’s possible to make such a moist cake that’s so refreshing at the same time. The texture of the cake was dense, rich, and it wasn’t dry or flaky at all. Yet, the flavours were so light that you wouldn’t get sick of it at all.

The pandan flavour was incredibly fragrant and aromatic. The tropical sweetness went hand-in-hand with the milky coconut cream and frosting, and the toasted coconut bits lent a slightly burnt and nutty aftertaste.

Be sure to look out for its weekly flavours as well which are always on rotation! Some of its more popular flavours include Chocolate Speculoos Chiffon CakeThai Milk Tea Tres Leches, Durian Pengat Mousse Cake and Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie.

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We also tried its newly launched Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies (S$18.50/bottle).

Made using handcrafted aged chilled cookie dough, this cookie was crispy on the outside, but incredibly chewy on the inside. While the dough itself was sweet, with bits of melted chocolate chips in-between, it was littered with large salt crystals on the top of the cookie, which lent a salty taste to the cookie.

For a person that’s always been used to sweet cookies all my life, this sweet-and-salty cookie was surprisingly delicious.

Fluff Bakery has definitely got something for everyone; its innovative flavours are endless, think Horlicks, Boston Cream Pie, Strawberry Shortcake Milk Crumbs, Solero, Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Pandan Kaya Cheese, and many more.

For S$4 a piece, I’d definitely say yes to having a fluffy cupcake with a surprise filling for tea break every day — that is, if I wasn’t counting the calories.

The only downside I’d say would be that there’s no seating area for you to sit and enjoy your cupcake or cake in peace. Who knows, looking at how good their business is right now (and rightly so, given their delicious bakes), I wouldn’t be surprised if Fluff Bakery expanded into a full-fledged bakery cafe.

Expected Damage: S$4 – S$18.50 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Fluff Bakery

4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071

Our Rating 4/5

Fluff Bakery

4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071

Telephone: +65 9660 3541
Operating Hours: (Tues to Sat) 12 noon - 7.30pm, (Sun) 11am - 5pm
Telephone: +65 9660 3541

Operating Hours: (Tues to Sat) 12 noon - 7.30pm, (Sun) 11am - 5pm
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