@fnbsays.sg, IG page dedicated to F&B rants, reveals the confessions of our F&B staff

The voices of those in the F&B industry have long been oppressed, and deserve to be heard. As customers, it’s simple to air our grievances on any platform we so please with a push of a button—some customer complaints even bearing enough weight to take a whole establishment down.

But the long-imbalanced power play has seen enough. Instagram account @fnbsays.sg has pledged to be a safe space for and to amplify the voices of all in the F&B industry. Well you know, in the industry they always ask what ya doin’, not how ya doin’. Finally, a chance for our brothers and sisters in the F&B industry to vent their frustrations has come a-knocking.

Fnb Says 1

Yeah, barista cAlIbRaTe fOr yOu still ungrateful.

Fnb Says 2

Excuse me ma’am, the only spread you should be doing at a busy F&B establishment is spreading your kaya.

Fnb Says 4

Fractions are hard sometimes. 

Fnb Says 3

Fingers crossed!

Whether these entries hit too close to home or if you have submissions of your own to contribute, or if they are the peak entertainment for you, @fnbsays.sg is a page we can all relate to, as long as we dine out at all.

Though started in good fun, the page also serves as a sad reminder of the harsh realities of those in the F&B industry. 2020 and the world, in general, have already been difficult enough as it is for many of us, so don’t let yourself be one of these—as they say—Karens, that seem to exist only to make life living hell for service staff.

Always choose to stay kind, my friends—it goes a long way in someone’s day.

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