FOC Pim Pam: Binge On Tapas & 17 Different Gin Cocktails At This Spanish Restaurant Along Orchard Road

If you’re looking for a Friday evening hang out spot with friends, head over to FOC Pim Pam. This up-and-coming Spanish tapas restaurant along Orchard Road perfectly captures the electrifying Barcelona spirit.

Foc Pim Pam 1

Following a bold makeover, FOC Pim Pam now offers a multi-concept dining experience. With distinct dining areas from a Tapas Bar to an alfresco Terrace area for some decadent after-meal desserts, get ready for a meal with something for everyone.

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We started the meal at the Tapas Bar with some light refreshments. Here at FOC Pim Pam, they offer a comprehensive selection of a whopping 17 gin and tonic beverages.

I had the Ink Gin ($36++) that was paired with 1724 Tonic Water, Hibiscus Petal and Orange Zest.

Foc Pim Pam 8

Watch the sorcery as the ink gin changes colour into a mesmerising violet when poured into the citrus-infused tonic water! (It’s actually due to the addition of butterfly pea extract.)

While I’m not a gin-and-tonic person, I really enjoyed the dryness of the gin that was smooth and accented by delicate floral notes.

Foc Pim Pam 16

Of course, what better to go with cocktails than some tasty tapas? FOC Pim Pam does an intriguing Cherry Gazpacho ($8++ on tapas menu, $14++ on main menu) that, strangely enough, is served with ice cream!

Made by smoking olive oil and finishing in a pacojet, they have created a unique olive oil ice cream that had a delightful foam-like texture. The gazpacho had a refreshing mix of tanginess from the Roma tomatoes and sweetness from the ice cream. Definitely the perfect treat for whetting my appetite.

Foc Pim Pam 15

As if ice cream for appetiser wasn’t cool enough, FOC Pim Pam gives you atas canned food! Oddly enough, the main draw of this dish is its freshness. Packaged only by hand, the food is flavoured by ageing the canned food the same way wine is aged.

The Espinaler Cockles ($28 per can) we tried were absolutely sublime. The cockles had hints of briny flavour, and were delicately sweet. It might seem a little pricey for canned food, but honestly, this canned food might even be fresher than the seafood you’ll find elsewhere in Singapore.

Do note that for the canned food there are two brands, Espinaler and Pepus, that are currently available for retail.

Foc Pim Pam 25

Our tapas concluded with FOC Pig Tripe Stew ($12++). Cooked in a pressure cooker, the vast repertoire included pig ears, braised pork and beef tripe that were all very tender. The beef tripe in particular was smooth with a bit of bounciness in each bite.

The sofrito (sauce) is made of sun-dried tomatoes, onions, garlic and sweet paprika that was brimming with a savoury aroma. Plus points for the focaccia bread served together that was perfect for soaking up the tasty tomato-based sauce!

Foc Pim Pam 26

After tapas and drinks, we adjourned over to the Main Dining Area, which is the restaurant’s largest space.

Foc Pim Pam 27

Our first course was the Fresh Burrata ($22++). While it may look like a salad, there’s more than meets the eye. The Italian burrata was a definite knockout with its smooth and creamy texture. Together with some crunchy pine nuts, baby spinach and capers, the flavours and textures contrasted each other well.

What really stole the show, however, was the crispy Iberico ham. Apart from the premium quality pork, the saltiness it added really gave the burrata a deeper flavour profile.

Foc Pim Pam 6

While paella is a hugely popular Spanish dish, pork paella is quite a rare find. FOC Pim Pam does an elevated pork version with their Iberico Secreto Pork & Mushroom Paella ($33++). Presented in a large pan, the paella was definitely worth the price.

First of all, I must admit that with one bite of the Iberico secreto, I was sent straight to heaven. This premium lean cut was sous vide and finished in a josper oven to give it its smoky flavour. The meat itself was also quite tender with just a bit of bite.

The rice was also able to hold its own. Served in a stock made by simmering chicken and pork trotters, the Carnaroli rice had a rich earthiness that complemented the Iberico pork slices.

Foc Pim Pam 23

To end the meal on a sweet note, we moved over to the outdoor Terrace for some desserts and sherry. As a Spanish tapas restaurant, FOC Pim Pam focuses on serving sherry, which is a fortified Spanish-originated wine.

With eight types of sherry to choose from, you can try them in tasting portions with their Sherry Flights ($30++ for 4 sherries, $50++ for 8 sherries) that are not too exorbitantly priced. Their sweet and dry flavour profiles make them great for pairing with the decadent sweet treats coming up.

Foc Pim Pam 34

For dessert, I had the Chocolate Forest ($16++), which had chocolate ice cream, white and dark chocolate cream and a hazelnut buttercream. The chocolate cream had a creamy mousse-like texture that balances both sweet and bitter.

There’s even a sophisticated dropper filled with Arbequina olive oil to drizzle on top, which lends a nice fruitiness to the chocolate delight. With so much going on with this dish, there really is no better description than ‘forest’ for it!

Foc Pim Pam 35

For something a little more Spanish, FOC Pim Pam has White Chocolate Coated Churros ($8++ for 2 churros). While a tad too crispy, these Spanish ‘Lazos’ churros were glossed in sugary white chocolate that was really indulgent. I heard a delightful crunch with every bite.

There were even some freeze-dried raspberries for a bit of tart flavour. These white chocolate churros were really just the perfect sweet note to wrap up the meal.

FOC Pim Pam’s menu combines traditional Spanish fare with a bit of FOC’s unique and exciting flair. No kidding, I went whoaaa every time a new dish came to the table!

As a devout alcoholic, I definitely couldn’t resist the many boozy offerings here. When you come here, do get a couple of cocktails to go with your meal, especially their signature gin and tonic and sherry selection. So come down for what will most certainly be a swell Spanish fiesta!

Expected Damage: $40 – $90 per pax

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FOC Pim Pam: 442 Orchard Road, #01-29, Singapore 238879 | Tel: +65 6100 4242 | Opening Hours: (Monday to Thursday, Sunday) 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm, (Friday & Saturday) 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 1am | Website | Facebook