An addition to weird food combinations: Fragrance Bak Kwa releases Crispy Milo Pork Floss Tots

I came across weird food combinations before. From ice cream with fries, curry Maggi with durian, and salted egg molten cake, some worked to become one of our favourite incorporations for us to indulge in, while some were just simply weird. When I came across Fragrance Bak Kwa‘s Crispy Milo Pork Floss Tots, I knew I had to give it a shot— who knows if it could be my next favourite thing? Milo and pork floss were two ingredients that had significant roles in my childhood, so I had to try them!

Fragrance Bak Kwa - Milo Pork Floss

I grabbed a small packet of these goodies from the nearest Fragrance Bak Kwa outlet. For 50g, it is priced at S$4.90, and for the larger portion of 210g, it is priced at a promotional price of S$12. I was sceptical about how it tasted obviously, so to be safe I opted for the smaller portion.

Fragrance Bak Kwa - Milo Pork Floss 2

The smaller packet opens to about 10 pork floss cubes, a portion that is great for sharing among friends especially when you’re trying to nudge each other on to try out strange combinations. It could be bought as a party snack too, if you’re looking for a change from your usual spread of snacks.

Upon first impression, I thought it looked like Milo nuggets. It smelt like normal pork floss and tasted like pork floss too. Except, there was a subtle hint of sweetness from the coating of milo powder. If you pay close attention, you’d be able to sift out the flavour of milo after you pop it in your mouth. If not, it’s easy for it be mistaken as normal pork floss!

Next, I went on to try the pork floss crumbs. This had a stronger milo taste as compared to the cubes themselves, probably because it is literally in the form of powder so there should be a stronger milo flavour. The hints are nice though; it elevates your typical snack into a slightly sweeter version that it originally is! Some are even slightly chocolatey too.

Fragrance Bak Kwa - Milo Pork Floss 3

Fragrance Bak Kwa made these to incorporate more protein and nutrition into your meals. Pair these with rice or porridge for a lip-smacking time, or as a simple addition to make meals more enticing for kids. If not, eating it on its own seems like a probable option too— it’s so addictive!

What’s going to be next… Milo & Pork Floss Dinosaur?

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