Secret hack for mentaiko lovers at Genki Sushi

Do you belong to team mentaiko? Most mentaiko fans probably enjoy it combined with a cream sauce for a pasta dish, or have it with mayonnaise as a topping for french fries at a hipster cafe. What if I told you that Genki Sushi has a secret hack that allows you to get free mentaiko mayo?

Mentaiko is the roe of Alaska pollock, which is a species of cod. It’s a well-known fact that most Singaporeans are obsessed with it. Just head to any sushi counter at major supermarkets and you’d probably see boxes of mentaiko-torched salmon sushi everywhere.

genki sushi - restaurant front

Genki sushi is giving out free mentako mayo, limited to a maximum of two servings per table anytime of the day. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s a catch! Customers need to be aware of the exact words to say in order to get this free sauce. The secret hack consists of seven words and it’s a mouthful to say it out. Repeat after me, “Ebiko tobiko mentaiko, I love genki mentai mayo.” It sounds like a poem for foodies like me, but practi it a few times and you’ll eventually get it!

genki sushi - french fries

This promotion is available at all Genki Sushi’s 18 outlets islandwide and lasts till 30 June 2022. Get creative with the different combinations you can enjoy the mentaiko mayo with. Have it with French Fries (S$3.50) for that extra umami kick or slather it on top of your favourite Salmon Sushi (S$2.60), perhaps?

The choices are endless, so I’ll leave it to your creativity.

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