Where to eat: 9 best fried rice places in SG that would make Uncle Roger proud

By now, we’re all pretty familiar with how Uncle Roger (aka Nigel Ng) has sparked a global movement back in 2020 to protect the culture and roots of the humble dish: egg fried rice. His viral video sent many into perfecting the modest dish in an attempt to gain recognition from the self-acclaimed expert himself.

Since travel is not quite back on track for the comedian to return to Malaysia from where he currently resides in the United Kingdom, I thought I’d pursue a list of 9 fried rice places in Singapore that will make Uncle Roger proud. Fingers crossed this list comes in handy for Singaporeans, fried rice lovers, and Uncle Roger. Sincerely, one of your many nieces.

1. Chen Fu Ji 

Chen Fu Ji Signature

Flaunting a recipe of 1400 years, Chen Fu Ji is reputable for its fried rice loved by customers past and present. Even their shophouse signboard writes ‘The Ultimate Fried Rice’!

The Chen Fu Ji Ultimate Fried Rice (S$25) presents a typical bowl of egg fried rice topped with freshly peeled crab meat. For its price point, one would feel they’ve got the short end of the stick but it’s all talk until you take your first bite.

Cue all the synonyms in the dictionary for ‘delicious’, this humble bowl is one not to be trifled with. The restaurant also serves up other Asian delicacies such as crab, poultry, and soup but the fried rice renditions will make your trip worth its while.

279 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208943
+65 9232 5035
Wed to Mon: 11am – 8pm
Tue: 4pm – 8pm

2. Din Tai Fung

Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop

Of course, I couldn’t forget Din Tai Fung. They’ve truly mastered the art of fried rice, down to the ingredients and they’re not afraid to flaunt it.

There are four Fried Rice variations part of the menu, which comes served with either Pork Chop (S$10.80), Shredded Pork and Eggs (S$9.80), Shrimp and Eggs (S$11.50), or Eggs (S$7.30). From the short-grain rice to the evenly-coated egg and ultra-tender pork chop, the result after one bite always leaves you going in for more.

Interestingly, many spin-offs of this iconic dish have popped up within the hawker scene in recent years and are priced much lower. I’m not too fussed about who does it better but for me, this will always hold the gold in the battle for best xiao long bao (soup dumpling).

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3. Fried Rice SG

Fried Rice Sg 3

Fried Rice SG is hidden in the heartlands of Novena and to be honest, I was very reluctant to reveal this hidden gem! While I’m far from mastering the wok hei technique myself, the team certainly impressed me with their incredible consistency.

Fried Rice Sg 10

A must-try is the Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice (S$7.90). Chef-owner Alan shared that contrary to popular belief, their chicken cutlet is more well-loved amongst his regulars as compared to the pork cutlet.

Take my word for it when I say this: the aromatic wok hei will engulf you like the heat at the beach as you open the lids of the boxes. A sensational moment that will go down in your book of wok hei experiences.

Fried Rice Sg 14

I expected one of the fusion flavours to blow my mind, yet here I am, having a slice of humble pie. Not forgetting the outstanding wok hei from the egg fried rice, this is a simple, yet killer combination. Who doesn’t love fried chicken and better yet, when it’s paired with fried rice?

103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square, #01-08, Singapore 329566
+65 6677 2112
Daily: 11am – 9pm

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4. Hao Lai Ke

One of the first stalls to present itself as a contender of the OG Din Tai Fung fried rice is Hao Lai Ke. Opened by an ex-Din Tai Fung chef himself, the three-year old stall probably has one of the best bowls at coffeeshop prices.

Best Fried Rice Hao Lai Ke

One look can really wok up your appetite. A classic favourite would be the Pork Ribs Fried Rice (S$6) served so similar to the original version at Din Tai Fung. They even tenderise the pork chop and use short-grain rice. Extra points for going the extra mile, while maintaining an affordable price.

While it’s comparable to Din Tai Fung, let’s just say it’s not quite as close as a blood-related sibling but sits high on the list of coolest cousins.

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5. King Of Fried Rice

Shrimp with Tom Yum

Reigning superior in many hearts across the nation, the King of Fried Rice is the one to watch. Since their opening in 2018, they are now 15-outlet strong across Singapore! Ordering is very simple. It sells four kinds of Fried RiceEgg, Mala, Tom Yum, and X.O, at super wallet-friendly prices. Select your ingredient of choice from Crabmeat & Tobiko, Pork Chop, Shrimp, or just Plain.

X.O with Tobiko

My ultimate go-to would have to be the Egg Fried Rice with Pork Cutlet (S$6.50), simply because of the tender, mouthwatering pork slices. Coming in close in second place would be the X.O Fried Rice with Crabmeat & Tobiko (S$11.50). At their given price points, these value-for-money bowls definitely live up to the hype.

Don’t be fooled by the few people around the shop—the teams have implemented a number-queue system that allows customers to wait for their order from their seat. Waiting times can go up to an hour. You have been warned!

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6. Taste of Jiang Nan 

Best Fried Rice Taste Of Jiang Nan

Over at Maxwell Food Centre, you’ll find Taste of Jiang Nan. By now it’s pretty clear—pork chop and egg fried rice for the win! The Pork Chop Fried Rice (S$5.40) comes as no surprise that it’s the bestseller, with the stall’s origins from Jiang Nan, China. The glistening layer of oil over the pork chop is not one to be trifled with but rather embraced wholly.

Easily one of the more affordable bowls across all contenders (and in downtown Singapore too!), the wide array of delectable restaurant-quality dishes have both locals and tourists travelling down for a bite themselves.

1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Food Centre, #01-62, Singapore 069184
+65 8342 9898
Daily: 11.30am – 7.30pm

7. Wok Hey

Variety of Fried Rice at Wok Hey

You’ve probably seen a bright yellow signboard with bold letters reading ‘Wok Hey‘ at malls, with an open kitchen concept allowing passersby to view the chefs in action. Recognised for serving up incredible stir-fry noodles and rice with immaculate wok hei, the takeaway kiosk is almost 30-outlet strong across Singapore.

Shrimp & Tobiko with Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice and Shanghai Fried Rice are two of the four base options to choose from, and the flexible customization adds a playful touch to mix and match ingredients that suit your palate. For an additional S$1 each, there were a wide variety of add-ons.

A custom favourite has to be the Egg Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns (S$6.80) with Tobiko (additional S$1), served with premium Japanese rice. Convenient, value-for-money and tasty all-in-one, this makes for a satisfying lunchtime or after-work meal.

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8. Yangzhou Fried Rice Restaurant

Yangzhou ChaoFan

Now, consider this your next go-to for superior fried rice. Yangzhou Fried Rice Restaurant at East Village in Bedok speaks for itself with its valiant choice of name. The signature Yangzhou Fried Rice is priced at an impressive S$3 for small, S$5 for medium and S$8 for large. For those who enjoy volume and depth with every spoonful, this version will please. The integrity of each grain of rice adds a dimension to the ordinary bowl that easily makes it delectable.

Of course, the establishment also serves traditional zi char dishes perfect for gatherings. Plus, they deliver islandwide so you never have to worry about satisfying your cravings.

430 Upper Changi Road, East Village, #01-11, Singapore 486936
+65 9106 1723
Daily: 12pm – 10pm

9. Yummy Fried Rice

Signature Pork Chop Fried Egg Rice

As the name goes, Yummy Fried Rice is hidden in the heartlands of Jurong and the uncanny similarities the Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop (S$6) has with Din Tai Fung just screams yummy. 

To me, eggs are the essence of the dish. If you agree, then this is the place to be. Upon first look, you’ll know the chefs went all out with the eggs. No grain was left uncoated with eggs and the vibrant green from the chopped spring onions made this a picturesque bowl. The pork chop cutlet was thicker than I expected and deserves a notable shoutout for its delicious marination.

You can also find other usual suspects such as Secret Fried Rice with Chicken Chop (S$7) and Egg Fried Rice with Shrimp (S$6). Talk about fried rice paradise!

134 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-309, Singapore 600134
Daily: 11am – 8.30pm
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