3.7-Metre-High Boba Cup Model Dispenses Milk Tea For Guests At TeaFest Exhibition In Malaysia

The craze of boba doesn’t stop, even with the year coming to an end.

Last weekend, TeaFest was held in Malaysia, with local and international boba brands at the exhibition spreading the love of boba, as well as providing business opportunities with a business matching platform called TeaBiz Program.

3.7 Metre High Boba Cup Model Online 3

One of the event highlights was Taiwanese brand Kong Fo Cha unveiling this boba cup model, which measured 3.7 metres in height and spanned 2.1 metres in diameter!

3.7 Metre High Boba Cup Model Online 1

Guests who visited the event formed a long queue—just to get a free cup of milk tea from the humongous boba cup model.

Because of this amazing feat put together by Kong Fo Cha, it is officially credited in the Malaysia Book of Records as a breakthrough record of being the biggest boba model cup to ever exist!

What will surprise us all next time? Perhaps a giant mala hotpot?

Dates & Times: TeaFest was held from 27 – 29 December 2019 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) in Malaysia

 Prices: Free