[CLOSED] Ginzawa: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

“Must-try Authentic Japanese Cuisine”

The folks over at Sushi Kuu recently underwent a massive rebranding to bring to you a new and improved menu, put together by their new chef too. Ginzawa offers amazing, authentic Japanese cuisine, meticulously prepared by head chef Donny Tan, with over 35 years of experience in Japanese cuisine.

ginzawa japanese dining singapore


The restaurant has been outfitted to accommodate dining groups of all sizes. Booth seats seat four, while the private dining room is able to take up to eight, making it ideal for small, intimate gatherings. With its modern, sleek interior, Ginzawa provides a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to dine in comfort.


For starters, we tried their Sakura Ebi Mizuna Salad ($22). With Japanese watercress as its base, this salad came of as refreshing with a light sour touch. There were cherry blossom prawns in the mix as well, which gave off a briny-sweet, crunchy bite and added to the textures of the dish.

Ginzawa japanese dining singapore sake kinuta

The Sake Kinuta Maki ($12),  a delicately rolled pickled daikon and salmon drizzled over with egg yolk sauce, is definitely one you should try to kick start your palate. With its pickled exterior, paired with a softer salmon sashimi on the inside, it is again, a refreshing dish to help you prep your tastebuds for the meal ahead.

Ginzawa Tai Moto Yaki

Above is the Tai Moto Yaki ($22), a grilled fillet of snapper brushed with caramelised egg yolk sauce and served with a crisp, juicy squid ring stuffed with shishamo roe. The snapper fillet was an interesting innovation of the chef, where the light, firm bite of the fish was brilliantly paired with the a subtly sweet caramelised top.

But for me, what stood out more was in fact, the squid ring stuffed with shisamo eggs. I appreciated the highly delicate work of Chef Donny Tan, where the shisamo eggs were painstakingly stuffed into the crevices of the squid ring, allowing for a burst of textures on first bite.

Ginzawa Wagyu Tataki

A favourite of mine, Ginzawa’s Wagyu Tataki ($30) definitely did not disappoint. With fatty, thinly sliced juicy wagyu laced with a slightly charred base, the chef’s honorary techniques were evident. When dipped in the radish soy sauce base, the flavours were distinct and intricate, characteristic of quality ingredients and a deft hand.

Ginzawa Tempura Moriawase

Tempura Moriawase ($35), which consists of an assortment of tempura. This deluxe version includes the Uni Tempura, a decadent crisp deep-fried seaweed pillow filled with lusciously creamy uni, Anago Ippon Age or deep-fried sea eel, as well as the Amaebi Hotate Kakiage; sweet prawn and scallop tempura.

ginzawa Kurobuta Tsuke Soba

For mains, we were presented with the Kurobuta Tsuke Soba ($20), a pleasantly delectable dish of Kurobuta pork shabu shabu slices and cold soba served with a hot dipping sauce and a dollop of grated yuzu.

Diners are encouraged to mix the yuzu with the sauce – the combination adds a subtle citrusy element with a peppery aftertaste, showcasing Chef Donny’s flair for incorporating simple, yet refreshing twists to familiar dishes.

Ginzawa Tokusen Hokkai Chirashi Don

This Tokusen Hokkai Chirashi Don $50 (only available in lunch set) has got to be the highlight of the meal for me. With extremely fresh ingredients sourced by the team at Ginzawa daily, I was completely won over by the fatty chutoro, baby squids (seasonal item) and the fresh creamy, buttery uni.

Not to mention, even their tamago was a notch above the rest. For $50, I can say this is an extremely value for money selection you must try when you go to Ginzawa.

Ginzawa Kurobuta Zaku Don

The Kurobuta Zaku Don $35 (only available in lunch set) was a favourite of mine too. The fatty, tender pork slices held the sauces very well, and were juicy upon each bite. It might come across as a little salty though, so pair it with the rice for an excellent blend of savouriness in each mouthful.

ginzawa Wagyu Saikoro

To be honest, Ginzawa’s Wagyu Saikoro ($48) was one of the best wagyu cubes I have tried here in Singapore. On each bite, a burstful of flavours would coat your mouth, tantalising your tastebuds in a fatty, juicy haven. Seriously, you have got to try it to believe it.

Overall, Ginzawa Japanese Dining certainly more than qualifies as the to-go destination for Japanese food, especially if you want a quality, authentic experience that is value for money. I can definitely see myself returning for seconds, and I’m sure you would too.

Expected Damage: $40 and up per pax

Ginzawa Japanese Dining: 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #01-06/07, Singapore 237781 | 6736 0100 | Website

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