Gopizza: Korean Pizza Specially Made Just For One at Tampines

It all began from the frustration of not being to enjoy an affordable portion of pizza enough to feed one and the rest was history. Starting off as a small food truck in Korea, Gopizza emerged from the stereotypical mindset of pizza as a “red-ocean” business, growing into a local sensation with their unique take on this common dish.

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Shortly after receiving ₩2 billion (~S$2.3 million) of funding, the truck evolved into a store, and today, it is a renowned chain with global footprints across India and Singapore. Unlike the other pizza places and fast food pizza delivery chains, Gopizza introduces a brand new concept of pizza—single pax fast pizza. It makes for an ideal portion for those dining alone or if you prefer to get a taste of all the flavours the eatery is offering. 

Making use of their specially patented oven, Gopizza is able to produce up to six top-notch quality pizza using their daily made par-baked dough in under five minutes. Not only does this cut down on your waiting time, but it also ensures maximum freshness when the pizza reaches your dining table!

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Despite being a delivery-only restaurant that can be found on FoodPanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo, and, diners who are looking for a dine-in space can, in fact, make use of the community dine-in space at Tampines Food Co. Excited to finally dine-out, I made my way to Tampines Food Co. only to realise that their dine-in space is currently closed until further notice. Thus, I had no choice but to opt for a self pick-up and got my food to-go.

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Prepared daily with a three-step fermentation process, the Korean Bulgogi Pizza (S$13.90) base was—as expected—thin and extremely soft, especially towards the centre. Even the crust on its sides was easy to bite into without a need for a jaw workout. As for the bulgogi topping, boy, it was sensational! 

The sweet and savoury soy-based marinade paired superbly with the drizzle of creamy mayonnaise. Together with the tender slices of beef and slightly piquant shreds of green onion, the Korean Bulgogi Pizza was an addictive treat which I will not hesitate to order again. 

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Appealing to the kid in all of us, the Bacon Potato Pizza (S$13.90) features chicken ham, turkey bacon and pieces of golden brown potato wedges drizzled generously with ranch dressing. This carbs-on-carbs combination might not be my favourite mix of flavours but I do see its appeal especially to the little ones who enjoy fried potatoes with almost everything. 

In my opinion, the Bacon Potato Pizza lacked the depth as compared to the Korean Bulgogi Pizza. The respective flavours tend to become rather one-dimensional after a couple of mouthfuls and as a result, I found myself picking only on the potato wedges towards the end of the meal.

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In addition to their single-serving pizzas, Gopizza also offers a range of pasta and side dishes. Of their five pasta options, Fire Cheese Chicken (S$9.90) is probably the only Korean-inspired flavour. But if you are looking for a slurp-worthy delight, their Aglio Olio (S$8.90) is definitely not to be missed. 

Expect olive oil, thinly sliced fried garlic, chilli flakes, dried herbs, and a cherry tomato as a garnish. This oil-based pasta might not seem fancy on the outside but trust me, it was bursting with gigantic flavours. Every strand of spaghetti was coated with olive oil. Eaten with the random bits of garlic and chilli flakes, every bite of this Aglio Olio exudes a subtle garlicky fragrance and a tinge of spiciness which balances the rich oily mouthfeel. 

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What’s a Korean feast without some fried chicken and the famous tteokbokki? Although Gopizza does not specialise in Korean fried chicken, the brand, however, does a really good job with their Fried Yangyum Chicken (S$8.90). 

Cut into bite-size pieces before being deep-fried and slathered with the infamous fiery red sauce, the Fried Yangyum Chicken was surprisingly not as tenacious as it seems. Even if you can’t hold your spice well, you can certainly give this a shot as the fried chicken lies on the sweeter side of the spectrum. 

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For the maximum Korean-fusion dining experience, I would recommend all you k-wave lovers to try Gopizza’s K Mukbang Package (S$28.90). Consisting of a choice between Gopizza’s premium Korean pizza, a serving of Tteokbokki, and Fried Yangyum Chicken, this set brings together all the flavours of a classic Korean meal, allowing you to have a taste of everything Gopizza has fo offer.

With more eateries like Gopizza and Yakiniku Like promoting the concept of solo dining, eating alone is no longer seen as a stigma. In fact, it is perhaps a time that we can set aside for ourselves. A time to enjoy the meal we have in front of us without having to engage in unnecessary small talks—a much need break, don’t you agree?

Expected Damage: S$9 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


10 Tampines North Drive 4, Tampines Food Co., #01-05, Singapore 528553

Our Rating 4/5


10 Tampines North Drive 4, Tampines Food Co., #01-05, Singapore 528553

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon
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