Gosh!: Baby Lobster Nasi Lemak For Only S$9.80 & Other Affordable Seafood In AMK Hub

If you order cai png often, you’ll know not to order fish or other seafood dishes because it’ll definitely bust your budget. And you’ll usually only order the fish dish at zi char when you have enough people to share the cost and quantity.

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Gosh! strives to remove these limitations so that people can enjoy seafood regardless of their budget, and whether they are alone or with a group. They started off humbly with pop-up stalls at bazaars and events, before finding a home in AMK Hub in late-2018.

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Gosh! is predominantly a take-away kiosk with just seven bar counter seats for a quick meal. What caught my eye was the attractive prices for seafood.

I had the opportunity to speak with Stan, the business manager, who shared with me that their mission is to provide consumers with the convenience of enjoying seafood at affordable prices.

You might be wondering, how can they charge such low prices for seafood? S$1.80 for half-shell oysters and lobster dishes from S$6.80 sounds too good to be true.

Gosh! is helmed by PWA House, a fresh seafood supplier, so they cut out middle-man costs. The seafood is imported live into Singapore every week, with everything made-to-order to ensure its freshness.

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I was curious about what the portions and standard of the seafood would be like, considering the reasonable prices. The Mini Crabs (S$5) were fried to-order and served to us piping hot in a paper container, which made it easy to snack on-the-go.

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Extremely crispy on the outside and dusted with spices which tasted similar to curry powder, countless cabs filled the container. The body of the crab was slightly softer, which contrasted beautifully with the crunchy legs. It reminded me of a Chinese take on the Japanese-style soft shell crab.

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The second dish that arrived was the Breaded Oysters (S$2.80). I was slightly hesitant about ordering this as oysters are known for their briny aftertaste. However, Stan insisted it was one of the most popular items so I decided to get a portion to try it out.

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I definitely had no regrets, as this ended up being my favourite dish I had at Gosh!. Well-seasoned with a peppery aftertaste, the breaded oysters had a nice crunchy bite to it. It complemented the juicy and creamy oyster within, which was surprisingly fresh without that distinct fishy taste.

The difference in textures gave it a nice mouthfeel, and it maintained its crispiness even after being left out for a while.

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We also got Half Oysters (S$1.80 each), in both Garlic Butter and Cheesy Cheese. They were of a decent size, which made them well worth the price.

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I preferred the Garlic Butter, as the garlic and butter went well with the plump oyster inside. Each mouthful was full of buttery and slightly sweet goodness, complete with a pungent kick from the garlic.

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However, the Cheesy Cheese may be more appealing to those who do not fancy the taste of raw oysters. The melted cheese covered the oyster in a thick layer, dominating the flavour profile. As I scooped it up, it made a stringy mess but I ain’t complaining.

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When the Chilli Crab Mini Lobster With Mantou (S$6.80) arrived, I was shocked by the huge portion served. There were seven mini lobster halves doused generously in chilli crab sauce, with four mantou buns.

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The chilli crab sauce was both sweet and spicy, but not overwhelming on the palate. Its nice tangy aftertaste also made it very appetising.

I really enjoyed the mantou buns, which were served piping hot. The deep-fried exterior was extremely crispy, while the centre was incredibly soft and fluffy. Each piece absorbed the sauce well and I loved every mouthful of it.

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The baby lobsters were easy to pry out of the shell, which made things less messy. They had a satisfying and chewy texture, however, I must admit there wasn’t much taste to them. They tasted rather flat with no distinct flavour.

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The last item we had was their must-try Mini Lobster Nasi Lemak (S$9.80). Apart from the usual components of a nasi lemak, it also came with three decent-sized baby lobsters and a lava egg. The lobsters came slathered with spicy mayo, and were blow-torched to perfection.

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The lobsters here were of better quality, with a more springy texture and a touch of sweetness. The torched spicy mayo also added more dimension to the dish, making it creamy with a little kick of spice and a hint of char.

However, the other components were a let-down. The rice was piping hot but dry, and lacked the iconic coconut fragrance. The lava egg was also served cold, even though it was slightly gooey in the middle.

Although their most popular items are the Nasi Lemak sets, I foresee myself coming back for their Oysters and the Chili Crab Mini Lobster With Mantou.

Gosh! has done a fantastic job in providing what they set out to do: provide premium seafood at an affordable price for all to enjoy.

While their Nasi Lemak has some room for improvement, the sambal was decent and I appreciated the use of basmati rice. Nonetheless, I’ll stick to my usual chicken wing version of nasi lemak whenever I have a craving, and visit Gosh! when I’m craving good seafood.

Expected Damage: S$1.80 – S$9.80 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5


53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-48, AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

Our Rating 3/5


53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-48, AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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