6 Halal Eateries With Early Morning Delivery For Sahur

Ramadhan 2020 has just rolled around the corner and it’s a time of celebration among our Muslim friends, even amidst this global pandemic.

Even with the COVID-19 crisis, this is a time for you to appreciate your family, be it through a webcam or at home (if you’re living in the same household). You’re probably thinking—who even delivers food at 4.30am in the morning? During these trying times, pamper yourself by ordering in every once in a while because you deserve it after making it this far into the Circuit Breaker. 

Take a break from the mundane and order yourself a filling delicious meal to last you throughout your day of fasting. We bring to you a list of 6 halal eateries providing early morning delivery for you to enjoy your Sahur

1. 89.7 Supper Club

From 89.7 Supper Club’s name, you can tell that this is the place to be when you’re out for some late-night grub. There are two outlets of this bustling food court in Singapore—one at Changi and the other at Paya Lebar. 

89.7 Supper Club serves up a plethora of various cuisines you can choose from. From Western to dim sum, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when choosing your meal! A crowd favourite would be the Super Cooler, which is essentially a locally-created drink featuring coconut and wheatgrass concentrate. These Super Coolers are also commonly known as a fusion of a dessert and a drink, and are frequently ordered. 

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There are typically also large drink towers available, but they might be out of the question during this ’Circuit Breaker’. Head down to either one of their two outlets in Singapore if you’re residing nearby to dabao these delights for your early morning meal. 89.7 Supper Club is also available on foodpanda (limited to the 2km radius), but that means you have to get up a little earlier to place your order. 

89.7 Supper Club Changi: 5 Changi Village Road, #01-2035, Singapore 500005 | Tel: +65 6214 1897 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Facebook 

89.7 Supper Club Paya Lebar: 1016 Geylang East Ave 3, #01-165, Singapore 389731 | Tel: +65 6841 6897 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) 

2. Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant

Looking for Singapore’s best bee hoon goreng? At Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant, you can satiate your bee hoon goreng cravings at any time of the day—and that includes your early morning Sahur meal. 

Serving up countless varieties of rice and noodles, Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant pairs their dishes with a perfect sunny side up. One of their best-sellers would be their Murtabak, a stuffed pancake or a pan-fried bread dish that’s commonly found at Indian restaurants in Singapore. 

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Also a popular hangout for crispy, fluffy prata late at night, Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant guarantees a satisfied tummy during your early morning Sahur. They deliver island-wide at any time of the day, so be sure to contact them on Facebook to book a delivery slot for your early morning meal. 

Akbar 24 Hours Restaurant: 2 Lim Teck Kim Road, Singapore 088933 | Tel: +65 6324 2559 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Facebook 

3. Brinda’s

Brinda’s is located in the heart of Bukit Merah, and this home delivery restaurant offers a variety of Indian delights from Tandoori Chicken, Tikka and Kebabs to Naan and Roti staples.

Also famous for their catering services, Brinda’s is open 24 hours and offers home delivery at any time of the day. Yes, that includes Sahur

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They promise delivery within a one-hour time frame, with food served piping hot and ready to eat. Already upholding the reputation they’ve built over the years as one of Singapore’s best 24-hour home delivery halal eateries, Brinda’s also takes up orders for many different types of cuisines.  

If you’re looking for a delicious, hearty breakfast, I’m sure Brinda’s will be able to offer multiple dishes that will whet your appetite! 

Brinda’s: 162 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150162 | Tel: +65 6274 6327 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Facebook | Website

4. Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse

It’s common to see fellow Chinese Singaporeans having dim sum for breakfast. Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine, generally considered as a Cantonese tradition. Prepared and served in bite-sized portions, these delicious treats are typically placed in small steamer baskets or small plates. 

All the way from East Coast Park, Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse dishes out plenty of yummy and affordable halal dim sum on the daily. The ideas for the halal dim sum menu were birthed from the mind of a Chinese chef they hired a few years ago, and the menu items were made from scratch. Expect tasty bites like Siew Mai, BBQ Chicken Pau and Law Mai Kai that are available at all times of the day. 

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Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse is open 24 hours daily, so be sure to check them out if you’re craving Chinese food for Sahur. If you’re looking for other cuisines, Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse offers Indian and Western fare as well. You can make your order on their website, but take note that the mains are only served after 11am daily. 

Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse: 1202 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449881 | Tel: +65 6876 5911 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Facebook | Website

Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse: 340 Bedok Road, Singapore 469520 | Tel: +65 6246 1211 | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Website

5. Srisun Express

I’m sure this famous Indian chain isn’t a stranger to many. There have just been too many nights I stayed up and felt peckish late into the night to find only Srisun Express available for delivery. Starting out at an outlet at Yishun in 2004, Srisun Prata.com (currently known as Srisun Express) was only limited to South Indian cuisine. 

Now, they have expanded to 13 outlets islandwide, which explains why I see this famous 24-hour eatery on my food delivery apps so often when I’m out of the house. With more people requesting North Indian cuisine to be added to the menu, Srisun Express was born in 2012 at an outlet in Hougang. 

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Their menu features a wide range of delectable treats, including their signature Sugar Rush Prata, Honeymoon Prata, Masala Buffalo Wings and many more! With a whopping 54 types of savoury and sweet prata flavours available, you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice.

Feel free to make your orders from the nearest of the 13 outlets—they’ll deliver meals to you through foodpanda, Deliveroo or GrabFood. If you’re not eligible to order from these platforms, check out their website to opt for islandwide delivery. 

Srisun Express: Outlets | Opening Hours: 24h (Daily) | Facebook | Website

6. The Ramen Stall

Up for some Japanese cuisine? The Ramen Stall brings you a wide selection of halal Japanese food for you to pick and choose. The sister restaurant to The Ramen House, The Ramen Stall is probably the only halal Japanese restaurant in Singapore that is open till 5am in the morning. That’s right—you’re now able to have that one filling Japanese meal in the morning to sustain you throughout the day! 

You might ask—how can ramen be halal if the soup is usually pork-based? The Ramen Stall uses chicken broth instead of pork, which provides a much lighter and milder flavour to the soup overall. This ramen might also be considered a healthier version of the norm, with no artificial flavouring, MSG, salt and sugar added. 

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Expect to savour some delightful bowls of piping hot ramen as well as various rice bowls at The Ramen Stall. If you’re into halal Japanese food, you can order some on their website. There’s also free delivery with a minimum order of S$50

The Ramen Stall: 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755 | Tel: +65 6655 0800 | Opening Hours: 3pm – 5am (Daily) | Facebook | Website

Getting hungry while looking at these food places? Go ahead and order something delicious for you and your family. Selamat Berpuasa!