Pretzel buns spell pretzel fun with HANS IM GLÜCK’s new crispy buns

Just when we thought burgers have once again been overdone, HANS IM GLÜCK rises above the rest with their newly incorporated pretzel bun at just an additional dollar from their usual sourdough bun. The crispy, tasty addition to the menu makes for a novel but delicious introduction.

The best part about having a pretzel for a burger bun is how crisp it stays throughout the meal, compared to the typical sesame or brioche—a breath of fresh air from the usually soggy burger. Fans of HANS IM GLÜCK might be familiar with the popular set meals that notoriously bring a serious bang for your buck. A power-packed burger, side, and both hot and cold drinks to pair, the burger sets at HANS IM GLÜCK are truly second to none.

Close up shot of pretzel bun beef burger

The joint boasts many tempting offers that sound amazing in their own right, but I eventually land on the Set Grunes Gold (S$23) which sees a juicy beef patty, aged cheddar cheese, avocado cream, and an additional fried egg at S$2. Other strong contenders that fiercely rally my affection include the Set Kraftpaket (S$24) (juicy beef with black pepper crust, bacon, and sunny side egg) as well as Set Kase & Speck (S$23) (juicy beef with aged cheddar cheese and bacon).

To accompany the star of the show, the choose from German white cabbage salad, mixed salad, or a crowd favourite, sweet potato fries.

Cross section of pretzel bun beef burger

Here’s where it gets intense. You’re entitled to not only one, but two drinks to wash that all down. The first selection is your thirst-quencher which can be anything from lemonade to soda, wines, and especially beer.

The hot drink is optional, but I’d recommend it as a great post-meal palate cleanser. You’ll find tea and coffee here, and green tea really does make for a soothing warm end to the meal. You’re guaranteed to leave satiated and stuffed for days.

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