Heartbreak Melts: Vegan (and utterly lovable) ice cream & snacks open till 2am in Ang Mo Kio

We like ice cream! Doesn’t everyone? Some lactose intolerant folks love them too, so much that the consequences are worth it. What if I told you that there is just as nice ice cream that is completely vegan? Heartbreak Melts at Ang Mo Kio is here to provide.

Iridescent, is it not? The neon signs could be seen from far, and they lit up the then-dark corridor. When the founder, Yong Wei, said that he wanted the opposite of minimalistic, he sure was not kidding! 

“Heartbreak Melts went all out with the decor,” I thought as I glanced at the storefront walls. There was funny break up memorabilia everywhere. The interior inside was not excluded, as its walls were covered in break up memes. Looking at them definitely made the wait for the food pass by quickly.

The music choice in Heartbreak Melts was hilarious, fitting the theme of heartbreak perfectly. During the time I was there, songs like Enchanted by Taylor Swift and Seafret’s Atlantis echoed the theme of failed relationships. Oddly enough, it set a rather cheery mood than a sad one.

I have also heard that Heartbreak Melts tends to be super ‘happening’ at night, packing quite a crowd. Those who live here, not to fear— Heartbreak Melts has taken precautions to ensure quiet in the night, as their outside area closes after 10.30pm. 

For those coming here, Heartbreak Melts is situated quite far into the rows of HDBs at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. I was also sceptical as my mobile phone indicated the route. Taking the time to admire the place, it was a relief I came to the right place.

What I tried at Heartbreak Melts

Coming to an ice cream place means trying the ice cream! So, ordering the Waffle set, I Am Very Basic (S$10), was a duh situation. The price was obviously 1 factor I was extremely pleased with— where can you find such a deal anyway else? What’s even better is that students get the same set at S$8, which I obviously noted with glee.

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Heartbreak Melts — Waffle

As for the ice cream flavour, I went straight for the Corny Cornflakes. Romance was definitely in the air at Heartbreak Melts, from the waffle shape to the bowl. I offered myself a cone-gratulations for being there for whilst Corny Cornflakes was still on rotation. 

However, I was tempted to try the other flavours — Let that Mango, Thai Soy Milk Tea and Tauhuay Gula Melaka. At S$4 a scoop, I’ll be sure to come back for a taste test.

I thoroughly enjoyed the strong oat milk taste, and loved how the toasty flavour complemented the cornflakes well. The ice cream felt more like an oat ice cream with cornflakes bits. Unexpected, but equally as satisfying.

Heartbreak Melts — Waffle interior

With a light crisp and fluffy interior, I found it difficult to believe that Heartbreak Melts’ waffle was vegan. Tasting exactly like those pandan waffles that are slathered with spreads, I loved how easily it went with Corny Cornflakes. It did lose its satisfying trait as the ice cream melted and the waffle cooled down, so I recommend eating it straight away.

Heartbreak Melts — Send Noods

Despite being a mainly ice cream shop, Heartbreak Melts also has a few other vegan options on hand, one of which was the Send Noods (S$8), a vegan instant noodle that Yong Wei came up with. There is a spicy version for the spice fanatics to enjoy. 

What I was extremely biased towards was the noodle type, which was identical to the ones found in Nissin cup noodles. The second factor I liked was how the bowl was loaded with ingredients like the tau kee, which soaked up the delicious broth.

Heartbreak Melts — Dumpling

I do have to admit that the vegetables and dumplings were cooked till they were fully soft, so those who like that would find Send Noods rather appealing to them. The whole bowl was purely comfort food, though perhaps it is healthier than your average instant noodles.

Heartbreak Melts — Lychee Iced Tea

Even though I’m obsessed with Lychee Ice Fruit Tea (S$3) to an unhealthy amount, this was probably the first one I’ve seen with no full lychees, only having pulp from the syrup used. Other than that, it was what I had adored about the drink— sweet and refreshing. 

The cup was so cute with the Heartbreak Melts logo, albeit not as important as how the drink tasted, but it definitely added to the charm!

Final thoughts

Though the food may not be mind blowing, the food and ambience here is sure to comfort one after a tiring day. Secondary school me would have adored Heartbreak Melts, thanks to its lovable scene and affordable price points.

I will definitely be back to try their other ice cream flavours and the Brownie Waffle (S$8) which is made fresh to order. Folks in Ang Mo Kio are surely lucky to have such a find so close by! 

Expected damage: S$8 – S$18 per pax

Order Delivery: Deliveroo foodpanda

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Heartbreak Melts Ice Cream

421 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1163, Singapore 560421

Our Rating 4.5/5

Heartbreak Melts Ice Cream

421 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1163, Singapore 560421

Telephone: +65 8895 3273
Operating Hours: 3pm - 2am (Mon to Fri), 12pm - 2am (Sat & Sun)
Telephone: +65 8895 3273

Operating Hours: 3pm - 2am (Mon to Fri), 12pm - 2am (Sat & Sun)
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