First dibs: Hey! Chips — where eating fruits and vegetables is never a chore

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We’ve heard the spiel before, snacking is not the healthiest of habits, especially when it involves scarfing your face with potato chips. While there are many vegetable/ fruit chips that endeavour to make snacking a healthy and delicious activity, none do it as well as Hey! Chips.

I know, aren’t there a copious amount of freeze-dried or baked chips that are already flooding the market? Well, Hey! Chips does things a little differently. They employ a process called Vacuum-Frying (VF), yes, science. This method is nothing like conventional frying, despite what the name suggests. First, the air is extracted from a closed chamber, and their produce is cooked with rice bran oil.

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Credit – Hey! Chips

Due to the close-to-vacuum pressure, the oil is ‘deceived’ into reaching its boiling point at around 60ºC, and it starts dehydrating the produce. Unlike the high-heat methods, this method of vacuum frying preserves the integrity of the chip while not compromising on taste. So, you can have your snacks along with that delectable crunch guilt-free.

I know. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it seems like variety is Hey! Chips’ middle name, and we have a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables at our disposal.

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I have eaten my fair share of kale chips, but Okra Chips (S$4.50) are a first. Whether you call them lady’s fingers or okra, I think we can both agree that these are delicious. Each slender ‘finger’, if you will, holds its shape pretty well and delivers that satisfying crunch that you can find in more indulgent chips.

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In each packet, you’ll get 10 okra fingers that is quite generous if you ask me. When it comes to this method of making vegetable chips, everything hinges on the produce. It’s safe to say that that’s what Hey! Chip focuses on as well. It’s light yet crispy and strangely addictive if all vegetable chips are prepared like this; snacking takes on a whole new meaning.

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Credit – Hey! Chips

Another highlight, in the vegetable aisle of Hey! Chips has got to be their Onion Chips (S$4.50). If you didn’t know, onions are a powerhouse of flavour, and famously, Chef Jason Tan of Euphoria has a mad love affair with the said allium. Here, each curl of onion is friable and a little softer than the okra but delivers a burst of flavour indeed. What you have is an almost savoury, chicken-like flavour that makes it hard for you to put the chip down.

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Now, for the fruit chip. Again, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and go for something that you won’t normally find in the realm of fruit chips. These Pineapple Chips (S$4.50) were equal parts tangy and sweet with that pretty solid crunch. Don’t be fooled by how much the fruit shrinks after vacuum frying, and each packet contains one whole Thai pineapple.

Of course, bear in mind that Thai pineapples are the biggest, but still, think about the serving of fruits you’ll be consuming.

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If you can’t decide on what you want, the Mixed Fruit Chips Family Pack (S$10.90) is a good bet. This way, you’ll get to try everything along with some nuts thrown in as well.

As much as I would like to review everything, that Hey! Chips have; I reckon it would take much of the fun out of trying out Hey! Chips for yourself. So, take a deep dive into their website here and explore all that Hey! Chips as to offer.

Here’s to snacking with no guilty conscience and having more fruit and veggies.

Before you go, here’s a little gift for our readers. Use the promo code, SETHLUI5 when ordering from their website and you can enjoy S$5 off your purchase. This promo code is valid from 9 July 2021 till 9 August 2021, so happy shopping. Also, if you spend above S$29.90, you’ll also get free delivery thrown in too.

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