Heytea Launches New Oreo Boboshake And Oreo Sundae From 22 Sept

Do you remember dunking your Oreo cookie into a glass of milk when you were a kid? Time to re-visit it and drink your favourite childhood cookie in a brand new way!

Heytea launched their new Oreo Boboshake and Oreo Sundae in Singapore and Hong Kong starting 22 September 2019 onwards. 

Heytea Oreo Boboshake Online

Heytea has brought the nostalgic memory of having Oreo with milk, with a drink that has crushed Oreo combined into their milk tea, to create a fusion of flavours with their iconic chewy brown boba pearls and fresh milk.   

Besides the Oreo Boboshake, there is an alternative to those who prefer having ice cream.  

Heytea Oreo Boboshake Online 2

The ice cream version of this is an Oreo Sundae, which has Heytea’s Cheezo ice cream with Oreo crumbles as the topping.

The Oreo Boboshake is priced at S$7.80, while the Oreo Sundae is priced at S$3.50 for the mini size, while the regular size is priced at S$4.50.

Heytea is giving away Oreo Boboshakes to selected people who share their post of their Oreo Boboshake and hashtag #OreoBoboShake! The promotion ends on Oct 7 2019 at 11.59pm.  

Their new Oreo Boboshake and Oreo Sundae are something to be excited about! Oreo is a classic biscuit loved by many, hence this blend of flavours will definitely put a twist on your milk tea obsession.

Heytea’s Oreo Boboshake and Oreo Sundae are seasonal items on the menu, so do get them when they are still available.

Dates & Times: Available from 22 September 2019 at Heytea outlets

Prices: From S$3.50 per item