12 Reasons Huber’s Butchery Is Better Than Your Local Supermarket


Singapore’s favourite premium meat and sausage purveyors Huber’s Butchery has moved to a bigger and better premise — from its previous location at 18A Dempsey Road to across the road at 22 Dempsey Road, boasting a 13,000 square feet space.

The track up Dempsey Hill is worth it because it’s Huber’s Butchery we’re talking about. Huber’s Butchery gives you more than what our local supermarkets would offer.

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Huber’s Pte Ltd was founded by Ryan and Andre Huber, which first started in a factory in Pandan Loop for wholesale selling meats, manufactured sausages, hams and assortments of cold-cuts.

The transition to consumer retail began in 2008, as Huber’s Pte Ltd opened its first butchery under the moniker, Huber’s Butchery.

Huber’s offers a wide variety of meats that can be prepared just the way you want it. With an online website where you can place order from, Huber’s is probably the most modernised butchery in Singapore right now.


I mean, we’re talking about game meat, freshly made in-store sausages, a gargantuan selection of cold meats, cheeses and also available butchers to toss you ready to eat meat.

Here are 12 reasons exactly why Huber’s Butchery is so friggin’ amazing and you should really be buying from them (whenever possible), instead of neighbourhood supermarket.

1. Better quality meats with an in-store dry aged chiller

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The fresh meat department of Huber’s is sectioned neatly, which also features information about the farms where the meat came from to educate customers.

A dry ageing cabinet will also be available for on-site customisation service, and customers can choose how many days they want their meat to be dry aged for, which will produce a deeper flavour of your preference. Just ask and it shall be given!

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Huber’s Butchery is also an exclusive retailer of the highly popular Rioplatense Argentine Beef, Toriyama Umami Wagyu, Primrose Farms’ Canadian pork and marbled Mangalican pork.

With an in-store chiller, the freshness of the meat is guaranteed because the entire process of handling the meat is done in-house. The only time it isn’t in utmost care is the journey back home from the store, which isn’t really a problem unless you live in Johor Bahru. However, free ice packs are available for the journey home.

2. Wider selection of cold cuts, including some that are produced locally


Wider selection is an understatement when it comes to Huber’s Butchery because they’re all set out to wow you away. Freshly sliced meats are available on the second floor of the supermarket, which is accessible via a ramp from outside the bistro.

Be thoroughly spoiled for choice with panels after panels of cold cuts, and choose from the whole jamon leg to kurobuta ham slices, do note that the jamon is not made locally.


If you’re craving for some salami, go crazy with their numerous variations or just settle for the chorizo. Also, get yourself some homemade meatloaf — because everybody loves meatloaf.

There will always be something for any occasion and you’ll be damned for choice.


Available for purchase, the 1.5kg cold cut platter requires an advance three days pre-order, yums!

It takes considerable time and effort to create these thinly sliced beauties, but Huber’s is up for the challenge.

3. Find rare, exotic game meats


European cuisine especially, has many dishes involving game meat that cannot be found in your local supermarket. If you are exploring this side of gastronomy, Huber’s Butchery should be your first choice.


I must admit, I’m a huge fan of game meat and I’m not sorry for that. Rabbits are cute, but they’re also pretty delicious. Don’t be hatin’.



If you have tried exploring the frozen wastelands of the local supermarket, you’ll know it’s quite hard to find these exotic gems in Singapore – Huber’s Butchery has alleviated that problem with their frozen selection of rabbit, pigeon, lamb hearts, quail, kangaroo and many more.

4. Choose from over 100 types of cheeses


Situated on the second storey is an extensive cheese section, complemented by the daily baked breads and large selections of crackers.

I know there are cheeses in our local supermarkets, but when pitting against 100 over kinds of cheeses in Huber’s Butchery, everything else pales in comparison.


The selection of fromage has further increased to 150 variations, making Huber’s Butchery’s cheese selection the largest in Singapore – something that all cheese lovers will rejoice in.

There’s tons of brie, a good selection of blue cheese, truffle cheese and goats cheese. Grab a few of them; throw in some wine, fruits and cheese platter.

5. Personable butchers behind the counters


Many of the butchers at Huber’s are also trained-chefs, and are equipped to give helpful tips on selecting your cut of meat, as well as tips on how to cook them.


Help is everywhere; the friendly butchers will give customers the best advise on what meats fit your recipe perfectly, a delicious recipe or two to take home. You no longer have to depend on Google for your carnivorous needs.

Huber’s Butchery is the only Singapore retailer of Stockyard Beef, the most awarded beef brand in Australia as well as the 10 Vetas Jabugo, Spanish Ham used by El Celler de Can Roca, one of the top restaurants in the world. These guys know their meats and aren’t afraid to show it.

6. All your gourmet cooking needs in one place 



Singapore is extremely globalized and our local supermarkets try their best to bring in different products from all around the world so everyone gets a share of it.

But it can get pretty annoying when I’ve to travel to multiple places just to get specially imported sauces and condiments.



This is when Huber’s Butchery is ready to kick some serious ass with their wide imported products and condiments from all around the world. You can finally get French butter, marrons puree (chestnut puree), and herring, eel and other fancy products without travelling around Singapore.

7. Turn into a masterchef easily with all the work already done


Now you can be your own masterchef easily with the help of Huber’s.

Create a romantic set up and sweep your partner or family off their feet with a fuss free gourmet dinner that can be easily cooked with the readily marinated meats, made with tried and tested recipes.

Looking to do an outdoor BBQ? There are also BBQ grills and accessories available for sale with Huber’s Butchery, which aims to become a one-stop shop for all BBQ needs, like wood chips, charcoal, salt block, etc. They even have videos teaching folks how to do a grill at home, and how to plan meats for a bbq!



With marinated meats, a great selection of wines, cheeses and cold cuts. You can whip up a nice platter of charcuterie for starters, grilled steaks for mains and a cheese platter for dessert. And of course wash it down with a glass of wine or craft beer.

Exclusive to Huber’s Butchery are the Swiss breweries Chopfab and Falken, Australian breweries Red Duck and Black Dog and American ginger ale Bruce Cost.

8. Freshly made in-house sausages with no added MSG and no preservatives


Another highlight at Huber’s Butchery is the longest meat and sausages counter in Singapore, measuring at more than 40m long.


There’s a sausage machine in store that will churn out fresh sausages, which you can stand there and watch the magic happening live before your eyes. Their raw sausages, which are aplenty, are made fresh in-house with no added MSG and preservatives, so you’re in good hands.

If the quantity is large enough, with a minimum order of 5kg, you can even customize your own sausage recipe and get Huber’s to produce it for you.

9. More than 90% of Huber’s meat and meat products are growth hormone free


Around 90% of the meat and meat products that Huber’s Butchery sells are growth hormone free, so you don’t have to worry about the overconsumption of these additives, which may or may not affect your personal health; some studies show that growth hormones used in animals increases the risk or cancer, while others claim its perfectly safe.

They say it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

10. Most meats are all imported chilled, not frozen

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The meats available in Huber’s Butchery are freshly imported from various locations, bringing you the best selection and it is always done chilled, not frozen.

Frozen meats tend to lose moisture when defrosted, causing them to be less tender as compared to chilled meats.


The meats at Huber’s are kept at their optimum quality and nothing is compromised with the more labour-intensive chilled treatment.

11. Air-flown vegetables from Australia


We’ve mentioned a lot about the meats, but Huber’s also offers a balance of greens as well.


High-quality vegetables, fruits and herbs displayed at Huber’s Butchery are air-flown three times each week, mainly from Australia.

Take a look at how fresh the vegetables are. Hesitate no more and make this your grocery haven.

12. Dine at the bistro while grocery shopping


Huber’s Butchery will be your one-stop destination because you can lounge in their bistro for a lazy brunch, lunch, or even for dinner. And of course, dishes are made with quality ingredients from the butchery itself.


Have a go at their dry-aged beef burger, or steaks – it is absolutely juicy, tender and oh-so-tasty. Now you never have to go hungry while shopping for groceries.

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Huber's Bistro-playground

The bistro even has a little playground to drop off the kids, making Huber’s Butchery a wholesome grocery experience for the entire family.


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Huber’s Butchery, a family owned business driven by the desire to deliver the highest quality meats at competitive prices; it is a reputable name for gourmet meat in Singapore.

Committed to constant innovation and being at the forefront of the butchering industry, their passion definitely sets Huber’s apart from any ol’ supermarket you can find.

Huber’s Butchery: 22 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679 | Tel: +65 6737 1588 | Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Huber’s Butchery