Icebox Cafe Singapore: Cookie Shot Glasses Simplifies Cookies in Milk

Icebox Cafe-2

Icebox Cafe is Singapore’s first halal Bingsu cafe. Though the brick and mortar cafe is situated along Rangoon Road, the brand may be better known of late for its stall selling ice-cold, tasty drinks at the Geylang Serai Bazaar.

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The large cafe space is dressed with a mishmash of brightly coloured furniture, while its walls are inscribed with cute quips that will surely tickle your fancy if you’re a millennial.

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The cafe has an open-air concept, which in theory sounds picturesque and lovely, but really had me feeling warm and sticky on the particularly balmy day I visited. It’s a good thing the cafe offers icy desserts to offset the heat!

Icebox Cafe-9

This particular visit, I came with only one thing in mind: Icebox Cafe’s Cookie Shot Glasses. I watched in envy for a while as Cookie Shot Glasses circulated the Internet, and being a hopeless baker myself, decided that buying myself one of these babies would be the best course of action to satisfy my longings — so I did.

For those that don’t know what a Cookie Shot Glass is (despite its name being quite self-explanatory), it’s essentially a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a cup, with chocolate slathered on the inside to waterproof the cookie so it actually is a functional glass (… Can I still call it a glass if it’s opaque?) that holds liquids. Science! Is! Magic!

Icebox Cafe-5

The Cookie Shot Glass ($6.90) at Icebox Cafe comes with a mini jug of milk on the side, and a scoop of ice-cream as a bonus. You can choose from flavours like Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, yadda yadda.

Visually, this cookie cup is the BOMB. It resembles a shot-glass perfectly, outcompeting many of those I’ve seen made in YouTube How-To baking videos. The generous chocolate coating on the inside of the cup also added to its appeal.

That being said, the cookie cup itself was neither crispy nor chewy. Instead, it lay very ambiguously on the spectrum between the two textures, with a bite resembling a soft cookie compacted-to-the-point-of-becoming-hard, if you can imagine that. I personally would prefer it crunchier, but I reason they had to make the cookie thicker in order for it to keep its shape.

The cookie was nice to nibble on, but I wish there could’ve been more depth to the flavour as the whole package of sweet ice cream, sweet cookie and yes, sweet chocolate was rather one-dimensional. They could probably throw in some sea-salt or something to the mix.

Icebox Cafe-8

Overall, I’d say that the Cookie Shot Glass is worth trying only for the kicks. It makes for a great Instagram and Snapchat video, but I doubt you’ll end up finishing the whole thing.

I’d much rather have their staple Bingsu offerings, such as the Durian Bingsu that comes with a healthy dollop of fresh, creamy Durian flesh, as they fared a great deal better in my books.

Expected damage: $7 – $15 per pax

Icebox Cafe: 89 Rangoon Road, #01-02, Singapore 218375 | Tel: 9155 4720 | Closed Mondays | Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00pm-10:00pm | Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm-11:00pm | Website