Indulge In Ichiban Bento’s New Meat-Free Bentos In Collab With Quorn Now Available

With the rise of the meatless movement, consumers are getting more conscious of what they eat. Whether it is from sustainable sources or the nutritional value, all are deciding factors in what we consciously choose to consume. With that in mind, Quorn has recently collaborated with Ichiban Bento to come up with four new meat-free interpretations of Japanese classics!

Quorn Ichiban Bento 6

I myself do enjoy meat-free options once in a while and was excited to try out Ichiban Bento’s new creations that are great for people on-the-go.

Quorn Ichiban Bento 1

The first dish we had was the Meat-Free Tsukune Bento (S$13.80). It was served with two skewers of grilled Quorn Meatballs coated with Ichiban Bento’s house special yakitori sauce. Topped off with a Quorn Nugget, potato salad and a mountain of rice, this made for a satisfying meal.

Unfortunately, the meatball was lacklustre as the texture was a lil’ gritty. Thankfully, taste-wise it worked really well, with savoury notes from the sauce that elevated the flavour of the skewers.

Quorn Ichiban Bento 5

The second item we had was the Meat-Free Katsu Curry Bento (S$10.80), a twist on one of Japan’s local delight. This was a crispy panko-breaded Quorn Fillet with Japanese curry and the same sides as the previous set.

Quorn Ichiban Bento 2

This fared way better than the former, as the Quorn Fillet went really well with the panko breading. It had a nice airy crunch which gave a varying texture to the otherwise one-dimensional fillet. Flavour-wise, it was seasoned nicely and the curry had a sweet tang to it for a full-flavoured profile.

Quorn Ichiban Bento 3

The last thing we tried was the Meat-Free Nuggets With Yuzukosho Dip (S$4.80), which was my favourite. The delightfully light and crispy nuggets resonated most with me as they nailed the texture the best.

Quorn Ichiban Bento 4

Paired with Ichiban Bento’s house special citrusy peppery dip, it enhanced the taste of the nuggets. It had a hint of yuzu which was refreshing albeit being cream-based.

They also offer Meat-Free Chawanmushi & Drink Bundle (S$3.30) with any bento purchased, which comes with tasty Quorn mince. Bentos are known to be a convenient and balanced meal choice. This shows how we can still make good food choices even when we are busy or are trying to be more health- and environmentally-conscious.

While I must admit these aren’t as good as the Impossible meats, they make an affordable meat-free alternative for a hearty meal!

Dates & times: Available at all 10 Ichiban Bento outlets from now till 22 July 2019

Prices: S$4.80 – S$13.80