IlLido: Sweep Your Date Away For a Romantic Italian Evening

Dine at Singapore’s very own Amalfi Coast.


ilLido was  inspired by Venice’s Lido Island that is exceedingly picturesque- ilLido at the Cliff is also on our own version of an island, Sentosa.

Situated on Bukit Manis Road, ilLido at the Cliff promises a quintessential Italian experience with great food and ambience. Previously housed in the Sentosa Golf Club, it has recently relocated to Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa in a collaboration with the former The Cliff restaurant.


On your way to ilLido at the Cliff, you’ll definitely spot these proud little critters that may or may not let out a shrilling call. Do not let them scare you and please, do not hurt them unless you’re feeling rich and want to pay a fine for that.


Renowned F&B personality Chef Beppe De Vito continues to be the Chef-Mentor at  ilLido at the Cliff.


The newly reopened ilLido at the Cliff is relatively young, with it only opening officially in December 2015. Heading the kitchen is Chef Simone Fraternali, who works closely under the guidance of Chef Beppe. Using only the freshest ingredients of the season, their lunch menus change daily to ensure only the best quality.


ilLido at the Cliff has a seating capacity of up to 196 guests, including a semi-alfresco dining area that can sit up to 96 diners and two private rooms that promises comfort and sophistication.

ilLido’s interior is richly decorated with warm tones of brass, bronze and mahogany to elude a blend of grandiose and elegance that remains inviting. I mean, just take a look at that private room.


There will always be something for everyone at ilLido at the Cliff.


Arrive early and have a drink at their casual yet elegant outdoor bar area where you can enjoy a breath taking view of Sofitel’s luxurious pool while you sip on a flute of Prosecco.


Then head to their alfresco dining area that overlooks the glistening South China Sea amidst  lush greenery. Definitely a romantic destination for any date nights, ilLido at the Cliff has specially put together a turquoise and white furnishing to complement the seaside dining experience.

Just imagining a date night with the magical sunset as backdrop sends my heart straight into a frisson.


If you’re afraid of the warm and unpredictable weather, which is a very real fear in Singapore, there is also the grandeur indoor dining concept. Head on over for a more intimate dining experience set in a luxurious interior.


Foccacia. Baked in house, the foccacia has olive accents and it is served warm and fluffy. Though I know that there will be ample food later, I couldn’t help but dip these delicious little things into the olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture before popping them incessantly.


Burrata with Rucola and Cherry Tomatoes ($26).

One of their signatures for starters, the burrata is cold and velvety, a light and refreshing starter for any meal. The cherry tomatoes lends a slight tang and sweetness to the creamy burrata. I’m a huge burrata fan so this totally worked for me.


Hokkaido Scallops with Nduja and Sweet Pea Cream ($29). Nduja is a spicy sort of spreadable sausage made from pork and it hails from the Calabria region, Southern Italy. It contrasts the sweet pea sauce and blends together to accentuate the scallops. The huge Hokkaido scallops are fresh and chewy, with a lightly seared aroma.


Grilled Octopus with Roman Artichokes ($28). Unlike the usual chewy and tough octopus, these are rather soft and tender but still substantial in texture and has a piquant smoky flavour. The cherry tomatoes star a rather regular role in the dishes and acts as a sweet and juicy garnish.


Pappardelle with Smoked Pork Jowl and Almond Sauce ($30). All the pastas at ilLido are homemade and al dente, of course. The smoked pork jowl, marinated with herbs and paprika before being braised and smoked, is tastily done.


Squid Ink Tonnarellli with Cod and Artichokes ($29). This plate of squid ink tonnarelli captured my heart. Firstly, I’m a squid ink fan. Secondly, I love cod with a passion. Thirdly, who doesn’t love pasta. So when combined together in an arrabiata sauce with taragon, I’m sold.

The sauce is robust and tangy with the hearty tomato base, complementing the marine and briny goodness from the cod. The taragon balances the sauce and combines well with the pasta.


Chicken Supreme with Foie Gras and Romanesco ($38). Definitely screaming decadence out loud, the foie gras and parma ham might prove to be a little too salty for some but it is undoubtedly an indulgent and hearty dish.


Kurobuta Pork Milanese with Butternut and Cherry Tomatoes ($45).

Milanese done right, the batter is crispy and there is a distinct buttery fragrance in it. The Kurobuta is exceedingly tender despite being fried and its savouriness is complemented by the slightly sweet butternut puree.


Black Cod with Caramelized Celeriac and Lemon Capers ($38). As mentioned above, I am a cod fan. So a definite yes to this. The cod melts away in the mouth while the skin remains infinitely crisp and filled with collagen.

It basks in the creamy sauce that has subtle hints of sweetness and tang from the cherry tomatoes and capers. Very comforting.


Meringata with Red Berries and Lemon Curd ($18). Packed with a chockfull of antioxidants, the Meringata has a sourish passionfruit centre that can jolt your senses awake. This dessert proves to be a more heavy-bodied and indulgent sort considering the zesty hints paired with the abundance of berries.

The meringue does give a nice texture and adds a slight sweetness that the dessert needs. If you’re a fan of sour, I’d definitely recommend this.


Almond Panna cotta with Peaches and Pistachios ($18). The almond panna cotta is luscious and milky with a strong vanilla accent. The berries here serve a good purpose by balancing the sweetness of the panna cotta. The peach isn’t overly sweet and goes well with the decadent panna cotta.


Back when ilLido was still at the Sentosa Golf Club, it held almost-weekly wedding events so yes, ilLido is long known for being extravagantly beautiful with a scenic view complete for an evening of romance.

Will most definitely recommend ilLido at the Cliff for diners looking for a romantic dining experience, and not forgetting the cod-lovers too.

With a curated Valentine’s Day 5-course degustation menu, create romantic memories over gorgeous sunset views and gleaming waters of the South China Sea. Available for dinner ($118++, 6pm to 9.30pm) on 12 and 13 February, and lunch or dinner ($128++, 12pm to 2.30pm or 6pm to 9.30pm) on 14 February.

Expected Damage: $80 – $120 per pax

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ilLido at the Cliff: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa, 2 Bukit Manis Road Sentosa, Singapore 099891 | Tel:+65 6708 8310 | Website:

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Sofitel Singapore.