Impossible meets Da Paolo Gastronomia with all-new plant-based meatballs & bolognese pasta

Last Updated: February 17, 2021

Written by Vera Leng

For some of us, our two worlds have just collided. Fan favourite plant-based brand Impossible Foods hits popular cafe chain Da Paolo Gastronomia in the form of four variations from the store’s ‘Everyday Italian’ gourmet ready-to-eat (RTE) selection.

The range features the Impossible Lasagna (from S$13.50), the evergreen Impossible Meatballs (S$9.50), Impossible Bolognese Pasta (from S$16.80), and lastly, for retail only, Impossible Bolognese Sauce (S$11.50), so you can enjoy your favourite comfort meal from the cosiness of your abode.

Impossible X Da Paolo ready-to-eat boxes

You’ll be glad to know that the Impossible product range is priced competitively against its meat counterpart, allowing consumers to do good and eat well without having to pay a premium. It’s something many of us deeply appreciate I’m sure, especially those hoping to make the switch to plant-based dieting; it’s a process made easier when you can still stick to your usual budget.

As the concept of inclusivity continues to grow in importance, it’s always refreshing to see it incorporated in the food industry too, where diets of all types and mediums and embraced and catered to.

Impossible Lasagna

Credit – Impossible Foods & Da Paolo Gastronomia

As all great lasagnas do, the Impossible Lasagna features Impossible ragù filling sandwiched between layers of hand made egg pasta, and made all the tastier with the mandatory béchamel sauce as well as parmesan.

Impossible Meatballs

Credit – Impossible Foods & Da Paolo Gastronomia

A popular way of consuming Impossible meat, the Impossible Meatballs are seasoned with herbs and doused in a delicious bona fide Italian tomato sauce. The Impossible Bolognese Pasta comprises Da Paolo’s hand made egg tagliatelle generously tossed with Impossible Bolognese Sauce. Have the sauce to-go when you purchase the Impossible Bolognese Sauce, simmered with Italian tomatoes and herbs, meant to be savoured slowly and heartily.

Impossible Bolognese Pasta

Credit – Impossible Foods & Da Paolo Gastronomia

With exception of the Impossible Bolognese Sauce, the other Impossible items from the RTE selection are available for both dine-in and takeaway at all seven Da Paolo Gastronomia stores in Singapore, as well as on Deliveroo and the Da Paolo Online Shop.

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