Satisfy Your Indomie & Potato Chip Cravings All At Once With Indomie’s New BBQ Mi-Goreng Chitato Potato Chip Instant Noodles In Malaysia

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If you’re a fan then you’ve probably already read our article about IndoBowl, Singapore’s first Indomie-centric cafe located in Bugis.

But what about Indomie Barbeque Mi-Goreng and Potato Chips? Indomie has made its name for being well-loved by instant noodle lovers, but will Indomie win the hearts of potato chip fans too? 

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These Indomie-flavoured chips aren’t exactly the first of its kind. An Indonesian brand, Chitato, is well-known for its crinkle chips. This brand also released a similar flavour of potato chips in 2016. 

And as if Mi Goreng-flavoured potato chips weren’t already good enough, Indomie recently burst in with Chitato barbeque potato chips flavoured instant noodles. 

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Customers can probably expect a lovely smoky and slightly sweet flavour from the sauces. 

Within each packet of instant noodles, there will also be a packet of crushed up Chitato potato chips that you can use as a topping for the noodles. Additionally, unlike the other noodle packets sold by Indomie that are made with wheat flour, this particular flavour of noodles is made with potato starch. This series of Indomie noodles is sure to pack a flavourful punch! 

These noodles are sadly only available in Malaysia’s convenient stores currently, at RM1.99 per packet, but I’d say we can definitely look forward to their arrival in Singapore soon.

Will you be trying out these delicious noodles if they come to Singapore or would you travel across the border just to get your hands on them? 

Dates & Times: Now available at convenient stores in Malaysia

Price: RM1.99/packet