Ippudo Ramen: Feast On Sakura Ramen & Cheesecake-Flavoured Shaved Ice In Singapore

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Ippudo Ramen has released two dishes (one ramen and one dessert) that were exclusively sold in Japan, but has made its way to Singapore and I had the chance to try them at the Shaw Centre outlet.

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Unlike the other outlets, the Shaw Centre one has a separate bar area. I really liked the design of the bar, which exudes a charmingly quaint and rather intimate ambience.

It’s the perfect place for drinks with friends to wind down after a long day of work, so if you’re in need of a little R & R,  request to be seated at the bar the next time you’re here.

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The first dish was the Sakura Ramen ($15.90), which looked too good to eat. What a beauty! The vibrant dish consisted of six ingredients: thin slices of chashu, shredded egg crepes, spring onions, pickled mustard leaves, nori and a dollop of spicy mentai sauce.

However, the most prominent feature was the homemade Tonkotsu broth, which was reduced to a thicker hybrid between soup and gravy for this dish.

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These pretty little crystals on the lettuce are Sakura Denbu, or pink sugar! This was included to accentuate the taste of the ramen, with its slightly sweet and salty flavour.

I also enjoyed the mellow spice of the sauce, which was flavourful without being too hot to handle. The Tonkotsu broth didn’t quite possess the distinct pork taste that most have, but it was still packed with flavour.

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However, these chashu slices were my favourite part of the dish. The meat had a very pronounced charred taste that made them irresistible.

When you get a bowl of ramen that is as tasty as it is pretty, is there really anything more you can ask for?

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My friend swears by their pork buns, so I decided that I had to try the Pork Bun ($6). The single soft bun reminded me of kong bak pau, with Ippudo Ramen’s signature chashu along with fresh lettuce and mayo.

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The flavours of the dish tied together well. The bun and the refreshing crunch of lettuce complemented the sweet juicy slab of chashu wonderfully.

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Alright, it’s finally time for dessert! The moment I laid eyes on the Fujiyama Kakigori ($6.90), I knew I was in for a real treat. The ice shavings were made of a blend of cheesecake and ice.

With three different toppings available (Strawberry Puree, Orange Puree and Blueberry Puree), I simply couldn’t wait to get a spoonful of some cheese ice shavings

The ice shavings were quite interesting because they had a creamy sorbet texture. I really liked how the dessert had a light and airy cheese taste.

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And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my spoon dug into thicker consistency, and I scooped out a spoonful of its vanilla ice cream core. It was creamy and sweet, and went well with the lighter ice shavings.

Right at the bottom were these Ritz crackers which added a slight saltiness as well as a crunchy texture to each bite.

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All the purees tasted rather authentic and pleasant.I also liked that the texture was smooth and pulpy. After sampling all the toppings, my favourite would undoubtedly be the Blueberry Puree. 

I liked the Blueberry Puree the most because aside from the sweetness, it had a buzzing bitter aftertaste that tasted absolutely heavenly when paired with the creamy cheese ice shavings. I maintain my stance that this dish is truly made of sorcery and the stuff of dreams.

Singapore really has to count her lucky stars for being one of the few countries that Ippudo Ramen decided to introduce these dishes to.

The Sakura Ramen will be available at all eight outlets but unfortunately, the Fujiyama Kakigori will only be sold exclusively at the Star Vista Outlet. Take note that these items are promotional and would unfortunately only be available until the end of this month.

I highly recommend you try the Fujiyama Kakigori. This is a splendid dessert through and through. So if you’re down to get your mind blown, treat yourself to a nice dessert when you drop by Ippudo Ramen next time!

Expected Damage: $6.90 – $15.90 per pax

Ippudo Ramen: Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #04-22 Shaw Centre, 228208 | Tel: +65 6235 2547 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Daily) | Various Outlets | Website  | Facebook

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