Play With Delightful Desserts by Janice Wong Singapore in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Subscription boxes have always seemed like a fun initiative to me. Sometimes when I purchase monthly subscription boxes, I’m pleasantly surprised when they arrive at my doorstep, because I’ve forgotten that I’ve even ordered them—it’s like a litle surprise present to myself. 

Janice Wong Singapore has recently launched a new monthly subscription box that lets you “play” with the delectable treats in the comfort of your own home. 

For those who don’t know this local culinary legend, Janice Wong is a Singaporean pastry chef who graduated from the acclaimed Le Corden Bleu. One of Asia’s most talented pastry chefs, she made a guest appearance on Masterchef Australia for contestants to replicate one of her signature dishes, the cassis plum. That’s why when I heard of the subscription boxes, I knew I just had to get my hands on them. 

Janice Wong Singapore Subscription Box Mar 2020 Online 3
Credit – Janice Wong Singapore

When your Mum told you growing up not to play with your food, she simply just hasn’t had the full Janice Wong experience. Filled with hands-on activities and sweet treats, this new box service provides a fun and interactive experience for some quality family bonding time at home. 

You’ll receive a surprise box with Janice Wong’s signature products, as well as exclusive new items that aren’t available in stores yet. Collaborating with New Zealand brand Optimo Foods, every box contains a range of nutritious snacks to complement each monthly offering. 

Janice Wong Singapore Subscription Box Mar 2020 Online
Credit – Janice Wong Singapore

Also included in the boxes is Janice Wong’s latest initiative, “Bake at Home with Janice Wong”, which cultivates creativity by allowing customers to replicate desserts from Janice Wong Singapore. Along with a recipe card and everything you need to put together your culinary artwork, there will also be five Janice Wong chocolate paint jars, two brushes, edible paper and edible chocolate crayons to simulate a fun-filled, family bonding time. 

If it’s your birthday month, you’re in for an additional treat. Birthday surprises and “frozen delights” are also featured in the boxes so you can enjoy and taste Janice Wong’s array of delicious ice cream flavours. 

Janice Wong Singapore Subscription Box Mar 2020 Online 2
Credit – Janice Wong Singapore

Subscriptions start at a minimum of S$35 per month and half-year subscriptions are priced at S$210. You can make your subscriptions on the Janice Wong Singapore website if you want to pamper yourself with these yummy sweet treats. 

With the COVID-19 situation now, many of us are working from home. That gives us all the more reason to purchase Janice Wong Singapore subscription boxes to play with during our free time! What’s best is it’s delivered right to your doorstep, so you’ll want to grab your subscription boxes today.

Dates & Times: Now available on Janice Wong Singapore website

Price: S$35/month, S$210/half year