10 best eating spots you should definitely try at Kampung Admiralty

I’ve been a frequent patron of Kampung Admiralty for lunch, dinner and the occasional breakfast. It’s around a 15-minute walk from where I live, but I’ve never once minded the distance as I know I’ll gain whatever calories I’ve burnt with the array of food that can be found there. 

With the near completion of the neighbouring Admiralty Place and many probably flocking towards something new, I thought I’d show some love to my go-to grub spot with the 10 best eating spots you should definitely try at Kampung Admiralty! 

1. Yassin Kampung Seafood

Yassin Kampung Seafood - Exterior Shot

Starting off the list is Yassin Kampung Seafood, which is a household name in the Muslim community.

Yassin Kampung Seafood was founded by head chef Yassin Ng, a Chinese Muslim with over 30 years of culinary experience. Yassin aims to bring the authentic zi char experience to the halal scene.

Yassin Kampung 15

Yassin Kampung Seafood unsurprisingly boasts a wide variety of seafood dishes such as Kampung 3 Rasa Fish (S$35/S$45), Sichuan Mala Fragrant Fish (S$38/S$48), Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (S$20/S$30) and Chilli Crab (S$38/S$60).

However, if you’re dining alone you can opt for items like Kampung Fried Rice (S$6) and Fried Kway Teow with Kerang (S$6)

Whilst it isn’t the most wallet-friendly option out there, who says you can’t treat yourself every once in a while?

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676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-03, Singapore 730676
+65 6717 1717
Sun to Thu: 11am – 12am
Fri & Sat: 11am – 1am
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2. Yew Kee Braised Duck

Yew Kee Braised Duck - Exterior ShotYew Kee Braised Duck’s history stretches all the way back in 1961 when it was first established as a hawker pushcart stall selling braised duck rice in Nee Soon (now more commonly referred to as Yishun).

Currently, the Yew Kew Group manages both non-halal and halal brands like My Kampung Chicken Rice, which can also be found at Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre.

Yew Kee Braised Duck - Exterior Shot

There are many ways to enjoy Yew Kee Braised Duck within every budget.

For those who are on their last stretch towards payday, you can opt for their Braised Duck Porridge or Braised Duck Rice, both of which are priced affordably at S$2.80. You can also indulge yourself with the Teochew Braised Set (S$7/S$14) and Yew Kee Set (S$6/S$12).

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-15, Singapore 730676
+65 6555 6992
Daily: 11am – 8.30pm
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3. Guru Nasi Goreng

Guru Nasi Goreng - Exterior ShotWhilst Guru Nasi Goreng may appear unassuming, it’s actually under the former Warong Kim brand and is owned by well-known seafood spot Kim’s Place Seafood Restaurant.

Owner Tan Kue Kim is well-known for cooking Hokkien mee while donning a long sleeve shirt and his gold Rolex, and was immensely popular back in the 1960s.

Guru Nasi Goreng - Carrot Cake

This outlet serves fried rice with a variety of proteins such as Egg Fried Rice w Chicken Cutlet (S$6), Egg Fried Rice w Minced Chicken (S$4.80) and Egg Fried Rice w Fish Fillet (S$6)

This used to be my go-to place every time I had lunch at Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre as it had the tastiest plate of Fried Black Carrot Cake (S$4.50)

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-40, Singapore 730676
+65 9785 9353
Daily: 8am – 9pm
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4. Father & Son

Father & Son - Exterior ShotSpeaking of carrot cake, Father & Son will probably not disappoint you with their fried carrot cake offerings. 

Ran by a father and son duo, the stall came to prominence back in 2018 due to the fact that a buff young man was seen running a fried carrot cake stall. Prior to the hawker life, he was working in a multi-level marketing business but decided to help out his dad after the company folded and hasn’t looked back since.

Father & Son - Fried Carrot Cake

Father & Son serves both Black and White Fried Carrot Cake (S$2.80/S$3/S$4). You can even have the best of both worlds with their Mixed Carrot Cake (S$4/S$5/S$6). Should you prefer something else, you can opt for their Fried Kway Teow w/ Cockles (S$4/$5).

676 Woodlands Drive 71,  Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-18, Singapore 730672
Fri to Wed: 6am – 2pm & 4.30pm – 8pm
Closed on Thu

5. Like Pudding

Like Pudding - Exterior ShotLike any good hawker centre, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre has your sweet tooth covered with a reliable local dessert stall Like Pudding

Be it hot or cold, Like Pudding has nearly all local desserts covered. Whilst the prices have seen a slight increase, it’s still a very affordable palate cleanser — especially after all that oily food!

Like Pudding - Red Bean Ice w Milk

You have hot dessert options like Tang Yuan W Red Bean Soup (S$2.50), Ginkgo Nut Beancurd Soup (S$2.40) and Green Bean Soup (S$1.70).

Not to mention, there are also cold options like Chendol (S$2.50) and Mixed Fruit w Ice Jelly (S$2.50). I had a bowl of Red Bean Ice w Milk (S$2) on a particularly hot day and it was just divine!

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-02, Singapore 730676
Daily: 9.30am – 9.30pm

6. The Original Vadai

The Original Vadai - Exterior ShotIt seems like you don’t have to wait for a pasar malam to enjoy a good vadai with The Original Vadai

The Original Vadai was originally started during the late 80s, selling prawn vadais at the yearly Geylang Ramadan Bazaar which was well received by the Malay community. Fast forward to 2023 and now they have more than 10 permanent stalls islandwide.

The Original Vadai - Fried Food

Much has also changed with the vadais as you’re no longer stuck with just Prawn Vadai (S$1.20). The Original Vadai offers a huge variety of doughy goods to choose from such as Ikan Bilis Vadai (S$1.20), Chocolate Vadai (S$4.50) and even Cheese Vadai (S$4.50). There are also other snacks like Chicken Wing (S$2.30) and Chicken Skin (S$4.50).

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-29, Singapore 730676
Tue to Sun: 9am – 9pm
Closed on Mon
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7. Best Zaika

Best Zaika - Exterior ShotIf you’re looking for authentic North Indian food at Kampung Admiralty, then Best Zaika should be on your list.

This isn’t your typical mee goreng mama or sup tulang Indian food affair, but instead, Best Zaika serves familiar yet more authentic Indian food like Chappati Keema Set (S$5), Butter Chicken Naan Set (S$7.50), Dum Chicken Rice (S$6.50) and Tandoori Chicken Tikka (S$7).

Best Zaika - Food

Perhaps you’d like to challenge your taste buds by trying the more exotic items such as Chana Batura Set (S$6.50), Kashmiri Naan (S$3) and Chicken Tikka Roll (S$5.50). You can even get Indian dessert in the form of Gulab Jamun (S$0.80).

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-36, Singapore 730676
+65 9140 6716
Daily: 10am – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua

Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua - Exterior Shot

No prizes for guessing what Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua serves, but if you need the hint, it’s mee sua, a soup-based noodle dish.

The noodles are of the non-salty variant and are imported from Muar, Malaysia. Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua was also featured in The Straits Times list of the 20 eating places to check out in the North.

Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua - Mee Sua

Despite having a tight menu, you can be sure to get noodle cravings satisfied with options like Ah Ma Mee Sua (S$4) and the Tau Chiam (S$4.50) which uses soybean noodles made from bean powder and wheat seeds. If you’re not up for noodles, you can opt for their Meatball Soup (S$4) which has homemade meatballs.

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-21, Singapore 730676
Mon to Sat: 9.30am – 3pm & 4.30pm – 9pm
Closed on Sun

9. San Yi Xuan

San Yi Xuan - Exterior ShotI always get envious when I walk past families having San Yi Xuan for dinner, as their meal consists of a whole fish slathered in spicy sauce underneath a live flame, with each family member picking on the fish with chopsticks while the other hand holds a steaming bowl of white rice. Such simple pleasures. This is exactly what you’re going to get with San Yi Xuan.

San Yi Xuan - Spicy Grilled Fish

You can feed the whole family at a relatively affordable price with grilled fish options costing only S$19.90. Options include Spicy Grilled Fish, Green Chilli Grilled Fish and Preserved Veg Grilled Fish. Make your meal into a feast with sides such as Small Pot Chilli Prawn (S$8), Small Pot Chicken Meat Noodle (S$4.50) and Small Pot Batang Fish (S$7.50).

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-24, Singapore 730670
Daily: 11am – 9pm

10. Xi De Li

Xi De Li - Exterior ShotYou probably wouldn’t expect a brand that’s over 100 years old to be in a relatively unknown hawker centre like Kampung Admiralty but as they say, expect the unexpected. 

Many will probably recognise Xi De Li for its fried goods, especially considering it has been around since the 1920s. Currently, it has over 20 outlets spread across the island.

Xi De Li - Fried Goods

Unsurprisingly, every product is 100% handmade from scratch. You can find nearly all of your traditional Chinese fried goods such as You Tiao (S$1), Green Bean Cake (S$1.10), Purple Sweet Potato Ball (S$2), 3 in 1 Sweet Cake (S$1.30) and Red Bean Bun (S$1).

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, #02-23, Singapore 730676
Daily: 11am – 8.30pm
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Kampung Admiralty

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty, Singapore 730676

Kampung Admiralty

676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty, Singapore 730676