Kapitans by Kopitiam closes in Tampines 1 after 15 years of operations

Sad news for Easties— Kapitans by Kopitiam has shuttered its Tampines 1 outlet on 31 Mar 2024 after operating for 15 years.

The food court had been around since the Tampines 1 mall first opened back in Apr 2009. Patrons of the mall were made aware of the food court’s impending closure via signage— the Facebook page I Love Tampines, which posts updates about new openings and closures around the Tampines area, shared a post on 28 Feb 2024 with an image of the signboard informing customers of the closure of Kapitans by Kopitiam.

kapitans by kopitiam - sign

The sign directed for patrons to visit the next nearest Kopitiam, and provided the address of their Tampines Mall outlet.

At Kapitans by Kopitiam in Tampines 1, diners could enjoy a wide variety of cuisines at the various stalls. The food court offered affordable dishes like ban mian, mee hoon kueh, Hokkien mee, fish soup and yong tau foo, allowing for diners to feast to their heart’s content.

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The reason for the closure of the well-loved food court is unclear, and there is no word on which business will take over the vast space previously occupied by Kopitiam. If you are visiting Tampines 1 and are worried about not having an affordable option for a meal, not to worry, for the mall has many other shops and eateries to enjoy a cheap and hearty bite.

kapitans by kopitiam - food

Fast food outlets in the mall include 4 FINGERS Crispy Chicken and Popeyes, but if you’d prefer to dine in a restaurant instead, check out affordable choices such as Pepper Lunch and Saizeriya.

Alternatively, you could opt to treat yourself to a pricier restaurant if you feel up for it— Tampines 1 houses local favourites like Dian Xiao Er, Gochi-So Shokudo, iSteaks, Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè, Sanook Kitchen and Tim Ho Wan.

Definitely keep your eye out for the new food court to come!

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