Kee Hok, Clementi: Come for the Hor Fun, stay for the Pork Ribs Rice

It’s no surprise that Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre is a treasure trove of delicious local fare. This week, I decided to make a deep dive into one of the stalls, Kee Hok, for their wildly popular hor fun. 

It’s a rare sight to see only one or two people in front of Kee Hok. I made a beeline to get a place in the queue, and soon they were efficiently rustling up my orders. Sure enough, when I left the stall, a snaking queue had formed behind me.

Kee Hok 9

It’s almost as if people are drawn to this stall like moths are to light.

What I tried

I’d never personally been here before, though my grandma has bought their Sliced Fish Hor Fun (S$4.50) home several times. It’s become a family favourite, and of course, I had to get one.

Kee Hok 3

Whether it’s take away or dining in, Kee Hok consistently doles out portions of chewy flat noodles in hot, smooth gravy. The noodles never seem to get soggy no matter how long I leave it, retaining a delightful consistency.

To complete that, it also has a deep wok hei smokiness that gives the dish even more depth of flavour.

Kee Hok 7

The sliced fish provides a perfect counterbalance to the smokiness—that is the reason why my family always fawns over this dish. With its fresh, clean taste, the sliced fish pairs extremely well with the rich gravy. That’s not to mention the textural contrast between the fish and flat noodle, resulting in a smooth and tender mouthfeel.

If you find the chance to go to Kee Hok, the Sliced Fish Hor Fun is a definite must-try.

Kee Hok 4

Next, I had a go at the Beef Mui Fan (S$4.50), which is a portion of white rice served in smooth, savoury gravy. The gravy seems to be similar to that used in their hor fun dishes, with that recognisable silky starchiness that never becomes overwhelming.

Kee Hok is a master at maintaining the textures in their dishes, because like their hor fun, the rice never becomes soggy despite soaking in gravy. Instead, the rice retains a satisfying bite without the mushiness that some mui fan dishes stumble into.

Kee Hok 8

Coupled with tender and chewy slices of beef, the Beef Mui Fan makes for a homely and comforting meal on rainy days.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that mui fan has never compelled me much, so the Beef Mui Fan still fell by the wayside in my eyes. Perhaps I would have liked it more if the gravy had been better distributed among the rice, but I’d still consider it a long-shot.

If it helps, ask for red cut chilli when you order this to give it an extra kick.

Kee Hok 5

Another popular option here is the Seafood Hor Fun (S$4.50). Boasting a generous portion of squid, sliced fish and prawn, I can see why people take the time to queue for this. The squid is surprisingly chewy without being too rubbery, which is always a plus for any seafood dish.

With the slightly acidic green chilli to go with this, you’ll have scrumptious mouthfuls of savoury and sour textures. I was especially appreciative of the leafy green vegetables here that provided a much-needed crunch against all that chewiness.

Kee Hok 6

For all the justified fanfare over their hor fun, I never expected a plate of Pork Ribs Rice (S$4.50) to steal my heart as it did. Just the aroma of fried pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce had my mouth watering.

The pork ribs were gloriously tender, and I really loved how the sweet sauce coated it with a hint of crispiness. Either my grandma doesn’t know about this dark horse or she’s been hiding it from us all along. I’m going to give her the benefit of doubt, but I really think this is going to be the new family favourite.

This is the second must-try at Kee Hok, for sure.

Kee Hok 1

Final thoughts

Kee Hok serves up really delicious and homely fare at affordable prices. They’ve recently become a family favourite for me, and I’m pretty sure it will soon for you too.

The stall is just a short three-minute walk from Clementi MRT station, so walk fast because the queue is faster!

Kee Hok 10

They usually ask if you want green chilli with your food, but if you prefer a spicier option, remember to ask them to add red chillis as well.

Expected Damage: S$4.50 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Kee Hok

448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, #01-43 , Singapore 120448

Our Rating 5/5

Kee Hok

448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, #01-43 , Singapore 120448

Operating Hours: 12.30pm - 8.30pm (Fri to Wed), Closed on Thu

Operating Hours: 12.30pm - 8.30pm (Fri to Wed), Closed on Thu