First dibs: KFC brings back Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito from 15 Feb 2023 onwards

With Chinese New Year out of the way, it might seem like there’s not much to look forward to in Feb. Luckily, KFC has got us covered with the return of its Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito, which will be available from 15 Feb 2023 onwards.

KFC - Zingerito Cover
Credit – KFC

First introduced in Mar 2021 to much fanfare, the Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito features a burrito packed with KFC’s signature Zinger Fillet, smokey turkey bacon, and creamy mac and cheese, which uses savoury mozzarella & cheddar cheese.

The Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito is available a la carte at S$7.15, but at an additional S$2, you can upgrade it to a Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito Meal, which includes 1 Med Fries and 1 Reg Coke Zero. Heavy eaters can opt for the Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito Box (S$11.25) which has an additional 1 Reg Whipped Potato and 1 Pc Chicken (Original/Hot & Crispy).

KFC - Zingerito

KFC graciously provided us with the Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito Box to try out. To be honest, I had a huge throwback when unboxing it, as this was my to-go meal after booking out of camp during National Service. And it tasted just as it did nearly 2 years ago, with every bite oozing with creamy cheese sauce and crispiness from the Zinger fillet and turkey bacon.

I thought the Mac ‘N Cheese could have been cheesier or better yet, intermixed together with the cheese sauce, as it has always been a weak aspect of the dish due to its blandness. Still, I am more than happy that KFC is bringing this sure-fire item back.

KFC - Pickup lines

The Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito also comes one day after Valentine’s Day. Perhaps noticing my weak game, KFC also provided us with cheesy pickup lines. Let us know if any worked for you!

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