KFC’s Zinger Double Down Is Back & Better Than Ever

Kfc Mozarella Zinger Double Double 1

Prepare for a comeback that’s more iconic than Britney Spears’ with KFC’s Zinger Double Down (S$6.60). It’s back, alright but with a twist. 

Kfc Mozarella Zinger Double Double 4

Remember the stir the Zinger Double Down (S$6.60) caused when it first graced our fast food scene?

The Zinger Double Down is a burger like no other, two succulent Zinger fillets cradling a square of melty cheddar cheese and a strip of crispy turkey bacon. I’m salivating just looking at this burger!

Kfc Mozarella Zinger Double Double 7

Well, KFC is all about being better than before and continuously stretching their limits. If you thought that nothing could beat the Zinger Double Down, here is the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down (S$7.50)

This Mozzarella Zinger Double Down features the same excellent Zinger fillets we know and love but with a chunky, indulgent mozzarella patty in the middle. Not only that, but the Zinger fillets are also slathered with tangy tomato basil sauce. This time, good things come to those who don’t wait when I went for a quick bite out of the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down.

Kfc Mozarella Zinger Double Double 10

We all know how great a Zinger fillet is—crispy, tender and just the right amount of spice that keeps you coming back for more. The mozzarella patty is a mix of different savoury cheeses and oh-so-gooey when warm. The medley of cheeses really took it up a notch and made this creation all the more fresh and exciting.

The icing on the cake was really the tangy tomato basil sauce. The acidity from the tomato sauce helped to cut through the richness of the mozzarella patty. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer indulgence of it all.

The combination of mozzarella and tomato sauce reminded me of chicken parmesan and I’ve got to say, I’m all for it.

Kfc Zinger Double Down 20

To round up your KFC extravaganza, you have got to add the KFC Sour Cream & Onion Fries (S$3.50/a la carte, S$.0.80 for trade-up from any regular sides) to your feast. This might be controversial, but I have always preferred KFC’s fries over anyone else’s. These slightly thicker cut fries are dredged in a savoury Sour Cream & Onion sprinkle.

Dangerously addictive, you can’t stop at one.

Kfc Mozarella Zinger Double Double 11

A variation to our normal fries, these added a good amount of zing to my meal and complemented my Mozzarella Zinger Double Down perfectly. So what are you waiting for?

The Mozarella Zinger Double Down is only available for a limited time, so get your hands on this goodie before it disappears. You’ve done the home workout videos, now reward yourself with some goodies from KFC.

Dates & times: Mozzarella Zinger Double Down is available now for a limited time at all outlets (except KFC Alexandra Retail Centre, JCube, Jewel Changi Airport, Kidzania, NTU, Orchard Cinelesiure, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Zoo, Takashimaya and Toa Payoh Lor 1)

Prices: From S$6.60 – S$7.90 (ala carte)

*This post is brought to you in partnership with KFC Singapore