KFC introduces not one, but two new drool-worthy Zinger Pocketts

If you, like me, are a huge fan of KFC’s Zinger Pocketts, you’re in for a treat! KFC has just launched not one, but two Zinger Pocketts that fold in all the right places for a limited period only.

Kfc Pocket Kv Portrait
Credit – KFC

Featuring the all-new BBQ Nacho Pockett (S$5.95 for a la carte, S$7.95 for meal) and Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett (S$5.95 for a la carte, S$7.95 for meal).

Both Pocketts will come with KFC’s signature Zinger fillet but in two different flavours. The BBQ Nacho Pockett will have crunchy nacho chips and fresh green lettuce drizzled with smoky BBQ sauce and mayonnaise wrapped in a soft tortilla and toasted to golden brown. Expect the perfect blend of smoky, sweet and savoury upon taking a bite out of this one.

The Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett puts the ‘tang’ in tangy with KFC’s tomato basil sauce and mayonnaise adding a burst of freshness. Turkey bacon and shredded red cabbage are added together with the Zinger fillet before they are all hugged in a soft tortilla and toasted to a perfect golden brown. The tanginess of the tomato basil is definitely one not to be missed. Before you know it, you’ll be queuing up for more.

Kfc Zinger Pockett Bbq Nachos Pocketts Box
Credit – KFC
Kfc Zinger Pockett Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett Box
Credit – KFC

If you can’t get enough, you can get yourself a Zinger Pockett Box (S$9.95). It’ll come with a Pockett of your choice, one piece of fried chicken, one regular fries, one regular whipped potato, and one regular Sjora mango peach drink.

Although both Pocketts will only be around for a limited period, I’m secretly hoping the Tangy Turkey Bacon Pockett stays on the menu forever because it truly is an explosion of flavours. Hurry down to a KFC near you and get one (or both) of their drool-worthy creations today.

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