Kinki Rooftop Bar X The Entertainer SG: 1 Month Membership Launch

“Launch of The Entertainer Singapore’s $19 monthly membership at Kinki”

kinki rooftop bar singapore

On an invite to The Entertainer Singapore’s 1 Month Membership launch event, we’ve arrived at Kinki rooftop bar for some light canapes and Belvedere cocktails.

Kinki Bar is an urban, edgy bar with an ambience that defies the typical mood. Set in an open air space on the 3rd floor of Customs House, you get an amazing all-round view of the surrounding office buildings that signify Singapore’s rapid development.


kinki rooftop bar entertainer

As you can see, the event was absurdly well-received with many VIP members of the media attending. The walls and floors are painted with graffiti by renown street artists like Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame and one of Singapore’s most respected urban artists, ANTZ.

kinki cocktail

Drinks served include this blood orange cocktail mix with enough Belvedere vodka to make you kick off those heels, yet taste-wise remains a silent killer within the drink. I love Belvedere as it’s so smooth and doesn’t give me that nasty headache the next day even if I binge on it.

kinki singapore

The DJ spins away lounge and house tunes, keeping every guest stimulated visually, orally and auditorily. The mood is chill and vibrant here at Kinki rooftop bar; not a romantic spot but some where with more hustle and buzz.


The bright luminescent scene at night is truly a sight to behold as you drink away the day’s troubles in a casual open atmosphere. On the 2nd floor is also Kinki’s Japanese fusion restaurant for a more formal dining experience.

Remember to check out The Entertainer Singapore’s 1 month membership with more details in my article here. With this app, you can receive hundreds of 1 for 1 dining vouchers including merchants like Kinki Bar, and this vibrancy to its fullest at an affordable price.

There is a July promotion going on too, and if you use the Entertainer to redeem a 1-for-1 main course, you can enjoy 1-for-1 Belvedere cocktails at Kinki all night long.

Kinki Bar: 70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323 | Tel: 6533 3471 | Website