Kuishin Bo: Singapore Japanese Buffet Restaurant

“Snow Crab Buffet”

kuishin bo japanese buffet singapore

Presenting a wide variety and range of quality Japanese cuisine, Kuishin Bo is a great choice for hearty meal of authentic Japanese food at a fraction of a price of its original value.

Starting from $36.90++ at the Great World City outlet, guests can tuck into a luxurious meal featuring delicacies from the different areas of Japan, as well as different styles of Japanese cuisine at this convenient location right in the heart of town.

Literally enhancing the concept of buffets, where such a great variety can be found under one roof. In addition, Kuishin Bo promotes the whole family togetherness concept as well, with family packages at $84 ++ per 2 adults and a child (+$12 per additional child).


Don’t get me started on service. Kuishin Bo’s staff were extremely helpful (up till it was bordering on a little intrusive though), and efficiency seems to be consistent throughout the whole progression of the buffet. The food was replaced regularly, at the first sign of its depletion. Sometimes, services at buffets can be a little sub par, but Kuishin Bo proves otherwise, with its more than stellar attentiveness.


One of their sushi bars. Featuring both unique and standard types of sushi, such as the California Maki Roll and the sakura blossom sushi. For me, I liked their interesting spin on the usual maki rolls, incorporating elements of sakura sugar into their sushi, making it subtly sweet and refreshing at the same time. There was also fried maki available, which gave a crispy bite towards the softer textures of the maki sushi.

kuishin no jap buffet snow crabs singapore

kuishin bo singapore snow crabs buffet

Zuwaikani (snow crabs)Among the variety of seafood available, Kuishin Bo also generously presents fresh snow crabs. And the best thing is, you can eat as many as you wish (hence a buffet). Each claw is both meaty and juicy, characteristic of quality crab claws.



Teppanyaki. The skilled chefs of Kuishin Bo present a good variety of grilled items daily, from fried tempuras to okonomiyaki to grilled squid. Ranging on average at best, it still was quite a feat, giving a wide variety. Also, if you would like a try at their Grilled Lobster with cheese, call in at 3pm for a reservation of a free portion. Succulent flesh topped off with springy cheese, it was a good combination.


kuishin bo japanese buffet singapore shabu

They also have a Shabu Shabu section, where patrons can choose a selection of their favourite meats and vegetables to incorporate into their Shabu pot. Additionally, different versions of Ramen and Udons are also available upon request at the counter. Above is the Paitan Ramen, with a milky soup base consistent with robust flavours. The noodles were also chewy and springy, which I really liked.


kuishin bo japanese buffet singapore teapot soup

Another interesting find in Kuishin Bo: Dobinmushi; their seafood teapot soup. Tasty but giving slight hints of being MSG laden, it was still a great option for the dinner table. Pour it into the little teacups given to enhance the whole experience.



Kuishin Bo’s healthy food section. For the slightly health conscious, you are still well taken care of here in a buffet spread. Otherwise, one can head over to this section if you’re feeling slightly guilty from all that sashimi and crab food intake as per your whole meal. The answer to a cleanse in palate, they present chawanmushi, tako, Japanese salads and freshly broiled prawns.

My favourite was their ginseng porridge (above), which was a pleasant dish carrying subtle notes of ginseng. They carry many different kinds of unique porridge flavours, promising a light touch with the richer selections from the other sections.

kuishin bo japanese buffet singapore charcoal grill


Kuishin Bo has both seasonal and regular items in their charcoal grill section, and this includes the famed Ayu fish of Japan (seasonal). Subtly sweet, the fish is a hot favourite amongst the Japanese and locals alike, where the firm but tender flesh leaves you a converted fan. Also, grill items are cooked for you on the spot, with lamb chops and grilled chickens taking up a spot in my personal favourites.


And of course, the definite Japanese favourite, sashimi. Featuring thick, fresh cuts replenished daily, Kuishin Bo offers a pretty good selection of raw fish, including tuna, salmon and red snapper.


The dessert selection. With their very own chocolate fondue fountain, you’ll be taken to confectionary heaven, spoilt for choice here at Kuishin Bo. With popular japanese desserts such as Dorayaki (Red Bean Pancake), fresh fruits, mochi and other favourites, end off your meal with this sweet escapade. Or else, you could just stuff your face with desserts from start to finish.

Kuishin Bo also offers a seasonal regional selection which lasts for 3 months at an end, with specialty cuisines from different regions in Japan. During our visit to Kuishin Bo, it happened to feature selected dishes from Nagoya and Shizuoka, including favourites of mine like the Shizuoka Oden and Hitsumabushi (Grilled eel and rice).

Their oden (something like yong tau foo, street food found in korea and japan) was specific to the Shizuoka region, featuring lighter tones in the soup, but still ever-so delectable. I liked the radish very much. Also, amongst the many specialities of these regions dotting the buffet scene (integrated into their different sections of sushi, teppanyaki and such), they also have a specific counter for the food from these regions, as seen behind the dessert counter.

Overall, Kuishin Bo’s wide variety of Japanese cuisines impressed me, and I felt that with such quality and variety, it was a pretty good Japanese buffet choice. Give that most of the dishes were decent, their main selling point was on its great selection and choice of food.

Expected Damage: $36.90 – $54.90++ per pax (full prices on website)

Kuishin Bo: Great World City #02-41A/42, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994 | Tel: 6836 5877 | Website

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