Kurasu: Off-Menu Matcha Latte & Other Speciality Coffee At This Japanese Cafe In Odeon Towers

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Tucked away unassumingly on the second level of Odeon Towers, popular Kyoto coffee bar Kurasu is the picture-perfect embodiment of what it means to be a hidden gem.

The quaint stand-alone coffeehouse noshes itself far off the bustle of Orchard Road and is lodged right smack in the middle of shared working spaces and offices. You might feel awkward if you weren’t decked in an office getup, but I can assure you the quest to locate Kurasu for that sip, will infinitely be worth it.

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It was a fairly long walk from Bencoolen station and the incessant reliance on Google maps slowly wore my patience thin. My eyes shifted amongst the modern architecture of Odeon Towers and I finally found Kurasu’s signboard and made my way up.

As soon as the lift doors opened, the aromatic smell of coffee beans lunged at me and I felt myself sinking deep into nostalgia.

The space is minimalistic and manifests a snuggly interior. The bar chairs, window seats and comfy cushioned sofas added up to house no more than twenty people. Piecing how most customers would come to take away a cuppa for work, reasoned out the small accommodation.

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It was all so overwhelmingly delicate to take in, from the modest atmosphere and Japanese-inspired layout, that I almost forgot what I came for.

Having lived in Melbourne for a few years, and known for their vibrant coffee scene, matching up to my bias standard was a lofty demand. Without much expectations, I thought it would only be fair if I tried a little something of everything.

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First up, I had the orthodox order of a Latte (S$5.50) served hot. The blend had a delicate, bright flavour, with slight hints of nuttiness.

The barista, Angelo, meticulously tamped the coffee grinds to ensure an even extraction of the espresso shot, which eliminated my fears of a weak flavour or intense acidity.

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From grinding the coffee beans, distributing the grounds, tamping, extracting the shot and next finishing it off with texturing the milk to create that lovely latte art. I felt all too inspired to become a barista myself — I only wished I could have some hands-on to try it myself!

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Next up — and also partially what I came for — the Matcha Latte (S$6) with an extra shot of espresso (+S$1). The off-menu concoction is widely-known amongst their regulars and Instagrammers. Why? The three-tier colour scheme from the Morihan Japanese matcha powder, milk and espresso shot effortlessly becomes an Instagrammer’s dream.

I was first reeled in by the picturesque contrast but as I ventured on, I was completely sold. It was just as good as it looked. The first sip hit me with a strong, earthy taste of the Japanese matcha, and as it slowly blended together with the richness of the milk and sharpness of the espresso, I found myself finishing the drink faster than I expected.

This was easily my favourite drink, and I didn’t even hesitate to get a second cup.

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Don’t be afraid to hover around the counter and ask for a shot of the Insta-worthy drink; trust me, this drink is wickedly beautiful as a Boomerang.

Feel free to ask questions about the drinks too, the folks at Kurasu are always down for a friendly chat.

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And of course, I had to try Kurasu’s speciality Pour Over (S$6). It is prepared by slowing pouring hot water over their imported blend, followed with the paramount wait for enough coffee to drip through the filter.

Shipped from Japan, the brew of the Brazilian Fazenda Altagracia blend had distinct fruity notes that soothed the soul. The acidity hit me instantaneously, yet I remained unfazed at the unconventional taste. I was pleasantly surprised at how such brewing methods could bring out such character in coffee.

For the unadventurous, you might want to stick to your dairy-based option. For the gutsy, change it up and give this a shot!

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Also, if you’re ever thinking of getting a substantial snack here, Kurasu does not offer food options. While they tried introducing pick-up snacks like banana bread, they much rather focus on their speciality.

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Having started out as a homeware store in Sydney, Kurasu also sells unique coffee equipment for the caffeine lovers, which are imported from Japan and Australia.

Kurasu’s mission is to bring everyone together over coffee conversations, brewing techniques and educating others on beans origins — one cuppa at a time.

This coffeehouse is without a doubt a must-visit when you’re in the CBD. You’d probably have to settle for takeaways on weekends because it can get uncomfortably packed in their tiny space.

Embrace the coffee culture at Kurasu and make sure you get a Matcha Latte just for the ‘gram!

Expected Damage: S$3 – S$6 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers #02-01, Singapore 188720

Our Rating 4/5


331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers #02-01, Singapore 188720

Operating Hours: (Mon - Fri) 9am - 6pm, (Sat & Sun) 12pm - 6pm

Operating Hours: (Mon - Fri) 9am - 6pm, (Sat & Sun) 12pm - 6pm
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