Little Hiro: Singapore Food Review

“Hawaiian-Japanese Hero”

little hiro hawaiian japanese bbq grill bukt timah

Inspired during a trip to Hawaii which is also inhabited by many Japanese Americans, Little Hiro was born. At Little Hiro, the expertise from each cuisine is masterfully grilled together to bring you exotic meals like the Ramen Burger and Habanero Wings. The restaurant that replaces the popular Burger Shack of yesteryear also makes itself available for catering and indoor parties within its humble walls.

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Little Hiro’s fast food decor of garish menu displays and a functional seating plan is reflective of its affordable prices – a key tenet of its philosophy showcased on a large chalkboard stand at the back of the restaurant.

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Before I got the chance to taste the intriguing pieces of fusion, I had a look at their beer section of the mini-fridge. Hitachino Nest Beer ($8) in 2 flavours, as well as Suiyobi ($8), delivers the light-bodied and sprightly kick that is recurring in many Japanese beers, which might be really inviting for warm afternoons.

little hiro hawaiian japanese bbq grill calamari

Fried Calamari ($7.90). The ever popular bar snack, some might like that the crispy rings aren’t too oily at all. With lime and the tartar sauce, though, I found it really appetizing altogether.

little hiro hawaiian japanese bbq grill onion ring

B’s Homemade Onion Rings ($6.20). It’s a little hard to see from the photograph, but these rings are huge. How the thick batter disintegrates to adequately release oil that lines the crisp onion within will sit well with sinful gastronauts.

ramen burger little hiro bukit timah

BBQ Bacon Bleu Ramen Burger ($11.90). Holding a succulent beef patty and soft bacon strips is the pair of congealed ramen beautifully packed together from a unique technique of frying the compact shio ramen to create the patty – A beautiful Japanese Western fusion masterpiece.

Using your hands to devour this delicious burger will most certainly defile any prior sanitary conditions you may have upheld, for the ramen patty loosens up like your appetite will upon the first, deep bite, turning into a delicious mess soon enough.

little hiro hawaiian japanese bbq grill spam fries

Spam Fries ($4.50). Perfectly sliced luncheon meat bars are fried to a delicious crisp in this meaty twist to fries. Dunked in cheese, it just might be the type of movie snack for which you’ll risk concealment.

little hiro hawaiian fried chicken and waffle

Fried Chicken Karaage & Waffles ($15.80, only while stocks last). Honey-topped waffles and the foot-long juicy fried chicken karaage dressed in bechamel sauce magically pits contrasting textures together to produce a wholesome dish that we hope will last beyond this experimental opening. The Japanese styled Karaage is milder and holds its skin even when drenched in sauce, truly epitomizing a Japanese Western fusion dish.

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12-hour BBQ Beef Brisket ($11.90). I was initially apprehensive of the perceived toughness of the meat, but there is some balance of texture in the brisket that is serves atop lettuce and with slightly insipid corn and salty fries on the side. Well, I’m still a big fan of fatty meats, and would probably pick another main over this.

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Little Hiro, to me, is more upscale fast food with a quality guarantee. If you ever were fond of the rice burgers that MOS Burger sold, it is likely that you’ll be stoked at the ramen version here, and wind up sampling a few very affordable sides.

As for interested socialites, whether you regularly loiter in the Bukit Timah district, or study in the district, Little Hiro offers simple comforting fare made for everyone in this Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ and grill.

Expected damage: $15  -$20 per pax

Little Hiro: 559 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269695 | Tel: 6466 3488 | Website


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