4 Local Unexpected Food Deliveries You Didn’t Know About

Singaporeans are busy, time-strapped and tired. These are tensions we face on a daily basis. Mealtimes especially, are always neglected or forgotten. Work life is really hectic and stressful, and the workload will only increase as time passes. Singaporeans are increasingly in favour with eating on-the-go in order to save time, in order to get back to work as soon as possible and stay focused. This makes fast food and ready-to-eat meals a trend these days.

Did you know that there are food delivery services that go beyond the usual pizza and fast food deliveries? These days, you can even find good variety of local foods to be delivered to your office doorstep easily. This convenience of food delivery is at your fingertips, just like getting a can of Coca-Cola®.

It is so easy getting a can of Coke® – from the vending machine, convenience store, coffee shops or supermarket, you name it you’ve got it. I guess we all love the fact that a can of Coke can not only bring us pleasure, but also completes your meal with such convenience. Your meals can be really yummy and delicious, but it can be better, with a drink like a can of Coke, of course.

Let us take you through 4 local deliveries you might least expect to get sent straight to you.

1. Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry

Who’s a fan of Fish Head Curry here? Well, you didn’t know fish head curry could be delivered did you? This dish, as suggested by its name, consists of half or full fish head, and is cooked in fragrant curry gravy alongside with vegetables like lady finger and eggplant. The fish head is typically from red snapper.

For this version of fish head curry we got delivered from Brinda’s, there’s an Indian flavour added to it with the presence of ingredients like exotic spices in tamarind gravy. Coke is also available for order alongside your food, and what can be more perfect than ice-cold Coke to help tame that fiery taste in your mouth?

Minimum order: $30

Delivery charge: $4

Brinda’s | Website | Delivery Timing: Daily 24/7 | Delivery Hotline: 6274 6327

2. Nasi Ayam and Mee RebusAyam Chicken 5312

Local Malay fares Nasi Ayam (Malay-style Chicken Rice) or Mee Rebus are dishes all races can turn to in a coffee shop or hawker centre. It’s even better as you can get these familiar ethnic dishes delivered fresh – it always gives us that feeling that’s prepared with a personal touch. As amazing as it is to get Mee Rebus delivered to your work place, you can also order an ice-cold Coke alongside your food to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Minimum order: $12

Delivery Charge: $9

*Note: Food options available for delivery vary according to different parts of the country. Please call them for more details.

Muslim stalls from Halalonclick | Website | Delivery Timing: Daily 11:00-21:00 | Delivery Hotline: 6908 5001

3. Nasi LemakNasi Lemak5308

We all love Nasi Lemak (both the Malay and Chinese versions) which typically comes with fragrant coconut milk-flavoured rice with fried chicken wing, otah (spicy fish cake), fried fish and a crispy egg.

Topped with good spicy chilli sambal which makes you yearn for more. Nasi Lemak is yet another amazing local deliverable dish that ensures you a full and happy tummy with all that rice and meat. Effortlessly grab a can of Coca-Cola light® as well, which can be found at vendors literally all over Singapore, while waiting for your delivery. Its refreshing fizziness will easily kick start your appetite for this very spicy dish. Or even better, easily order Coke to be delivered along with your meal!

Minimum order: $25

Delivery charges: $4 – $14

River Valley Nasi Lemak | Website | Delivery Timing: Weekdays 11:00-14:30; 18:00-21:30 Weekends 11:00-21:30 | Delivery Hotline: 6352 2622

4. Curry ChickenCurry Chicken Pillow5292

Curry chicken has been around in Singapore for many years now, and Golden Pillow’s curry chicken delivery is famed for it. Ask your elders and they will know what Golden Pillow is.

Encased in a big baked loaf of bread is full of curry chicken and potatoes goodness. You can also add a serving of rice if you need more carbs intake, but combining the bread and curry gravy itself already makes an amazing experience for your taste buds. It’s definitely not easy to actually cook curry chicken, but you can save all the trouble by just delivering it to your office to enjoy with your colleagues. And yes, you can also order ice-cold Coke to come with your food!

Minimum order: $15 – $30

Delivery charge: $3

Golden Pillow 933 | Website | Delivery Timing: Daily 11:00-22:00 | Delivery Hotline: 6323 8933

This article is brought to you in partnership with Coca-Cola. All opinions shared by writer are his/her own.