Lohei greetings & QR Codes make for a very 2021 CNY

Few things capture the Chinese New Year spirit better than tossing fistfuls of lohei sky-high, chopsticks in hand. It’s a tradition which celebrates all things joyful and prosperous, captured in the spirit of utter fun. Perhaps, its vibrance is best encapsulated in the brilliant colours on a plate of yusheng, presenting shredded carrot and radish in an artful portrayal even Picasso would be jealous of.

a bowl of yusheng

Along with the frantic attack on a plate of lohei also comes a mandatory verbal practice. Yes, you can’t be shameless with this one. Shouting out new year greetings at the top of your lungs may be the only time your neighbour doesn’t stomp over to give you an earful. It’s all a largely barbaric affair, but nonetheless, one which we cherish and cling onto dearly.

qr code for lohei page link

Two paragraphs dedicated to the love of lohei? I apologise for the digression. The issue today lies in the woes of the pandemic. As we approach one year since the outbreak, the effects are evidently perverse. For the Lunar New Year of 2021, for the first time, we are bounded by face masks and safe distancing restrictions, even amidst an affair as communal as that around the dining table. 

screenshot of lohei page

Perhaps, there is a silver lining, which comes by way of Dj Beng’s lohei app. Oh, how far technology has brought us. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. Coming to our rescue is this free mobile lohei app that cleverly transforms your phone into a vessel for all your auspicious-phrases-filled fantasies. Nothing screams ‘I’m young and hip’ better than whipping out your flashy smartphone to do all the shouting for you. Very 2021.

screenshot of huat ah page

How does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Click on this link on your mobile browser to fire up Dj Beng’s page. Choose from an impressive variety of pre-recorded new year greetings on your screen. You have all the classics, from ‘万事如意’ (good luck in everything) to ‘金银满屋’ (bountiful wealth). I appreciate this thoroughly because for once, I don’t have to fear for my miserable linguistic repertoire.

In addition to lohei, there are also two other functions on Dj Beng’s mobile-friendly site. Pre-recorded sound clips of ‘huat ah’ and ‘yamseng’ are at your beck and call, so you’ll always be equipped in front of your relatives. I know I for one will be making good use of this page, will you?