Lowercase: Grab Food, Chill & Study For As Long As You Want At This Cafe In Lasalle College

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Need a break from school but still need to get on with your studies? As students, we all know that finding a study spot in Singapore can be a rather tricky situation.

Sure, we can always fall back on going to the nearest public library but it forbids us from snacking, which is torturous for someone like me who needs to eat when I study. And don’t even get me started on only being able to whisper to ask a question. I’d say it’s far from an ideal studying environment!

That being said, we could always head down to the rampant coffee joints and cafes around, although we would probably run into the issue of being kicked out of the establishment for overstaying our invitation.

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But not at Lowercase. Located on 1st McNally Street within the Lasalle Campus, you’ll find the perfect studying spot that doubles as a hangout pad to chill out when you’re all burnt out. It is a cafe that promotes the communal social concept and hopes to deliver a cosy environment just like your second living room. Did we mention, there’s free WiFi all day too!

A place to chill, study and catch up with friends, not too bad huh? But what good would a studying spot be without great food that’s a bang for the buck? We decided to fuel up with some of its dishes on the menu.

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The Atlantic Smoked Salmon Salad ($15) definitely caught our eyes with whole baby octopuses thrown in. The juicy and tender bite of the octopus is paired with the crisp greens, together with a side of the tangy miso sauce. Topped with smoked salmon for an oceanic taste — there can be no better salad combinations than this.

Although a tact on the pricey side, you’ll definitely notice the difference in the quality ingredients that went into the preparation of the dish.

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What defines a good pizza — a good crust? Stringy Cheese? A unison of flavours?

The BBQ Smoked Duck Pizza ($15) is all of the above!

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The signature in-house thin crispy crust was baked to perfection. We couldn’t help but be in awe of the pizza’s ability to retain its crisp while holding together all the other ingredients even after spending some time taking photos of it.

The synergy between the refreshing touch of the citrus, crispy spring roll skin and the chewy smoked duck proved to be a winning recipe. We’ve never quite gotten over how this dish gave such incredible textures and flavours!

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The Flank Steak With Red Wine Sauce ($19.50) is honestly a steal! Where else could you get steaks for prices as low as this!?

The onion, bell pepper and garlic stuffing was a surprising match for the well-marinated steak in red wine dressing. Served with the cheesy and fluffy mashed potato, you’ll find yourself a rather wholesome meal with this dish.

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If you’re just looking for a small bite to snack on as you’re working on your assignments, go for the Salted Egg Yolk Fries ($11).

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You’ll likely be delighted by Lowercase’s rendition of the local favourite salted egg. Unlike most stores out there selling you a watered down version of artificially flavoured salted egg sauces, this side dish comes with salted egg crumble to enhance its texture. The sweetness of the sauce is flavoured with the light spice of the curry leaves, leaving you with an authentic experience of the truly local salted egg fanfare.

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Here at Lowercase, there is absolutely no chance of going wrong with this perfect combination of waffles ($7) and gelato ($4 – $4.50/per scoop). In fact, you’ll never quite find any gelato that tastes this good with waffles anywhere!

The waffles are crispy on the outside with a texture resembling a traditional Nyonya kueh on the inside. This isn’t any regular waffle! 

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We can’t help but rave about the intense flavours of the in-house gelato. We gave the Pistachio, Cocktail Caribbean and Gianduja Lotus a try and there is no going back since. 

If you prefer to just chill with a cold beer, good company and great music, you’ll find your place here too.

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On most evenings, you’ll find local bands delivering songs as entertainment. What a way to wind down after a hard day of burying your nose in the books!

A cafe with value for money food and beverages, coupled with live music performances and a spot that you can hang out all day to study at is a rare find in Singapore.

I’m totally in love with this social concept, and if anything, I felt that the environment was conducive for studying and getting work done there. Lowercase has surely won over my heart!

Expected Damage: $11 – $20

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Lowercase: 1st McNally Street, #01-01, Block D LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore 187940 | Website | Facebook