10 macaron spots in Singapore for a fancy way to satisfy your sweet tooth

Macarons are widely regarded as one of the fanciest desserts in the world, and it’s no wonder why. These French meringue cookies often come in a wide variety of pretty colours with a multitude of flavours.

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make, with the need to ensure that their shells are crispy on the outside and slightly chewy (but not too chewy!) on the inside. A perfect macaron has a textured ring at the base of each shell, known as the feet, and a smooth, bubble-free surface. Biting into one is pure bliss, with the different textures coming together.

While macarons are usually a little pricier than most other desserts in relation to its small size, you can actually find macarons in all price ranges in Singapore, with some even being as low as S$1.60! Here are 10 places to indulge in macarons in Singapore.

1. TWG Tea

macarons - twg tea

TWG Tea is probably the most well-known luxury teahouse chain in Singapore. Many patronise TWG Tea for its titular tea products, but did you know that they also sell macarons?

macarons - twg tea

The macarons are all tea-infused, which will be sure to excite those who love both tea and macarons. Expect tea-based flavours like Matcha, Lemon Bush Tea, Silver Moon Tea & Strawberry, Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate, 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant and more for just S$2.50 per piece.

The gorgeous macarons are available in 10 flavours and I loved how each flavour had a distinct infusion of aromatic tea into them. Bored of the usual vanilla flavours? Why not treat yourself to TWG Tea’s version of this French dessert?

For a list of locations and opening hours, click here.
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2. AnnaBella Patisserie

macaron guide - annabella patisserie

AnnaBella Patisserie is always my go-to spot for affordable yet delicious macarons. You may be most familiar with the multitude of pop-up stalls they have at roadshows, where their macarons go for as little as S$10 for 6 pieces.

The variety of macarons available at AnnaBella Patisserie is huge: There are about 40 flavours for you to choose from! Their Classic flavours include Matcha, Earl Grey, Lavender, Thai Milk Tea and even Milo Dinosaur. Meanwhile, the Premium flavours come in Buttered Popcorn, Creme Brulee, Pistachio, Tiramisu and more.

macarons - annabella patisserie

I especially like the assortment of chocolate flavours, as they are rich and not too sweet. You can even try out their Marvellous range, with more unique creations including the Harry Potter-inspired flavours of Butterbeer, Polyjuice Potion and Chocolate Frog!

20 Bukit Batok Crescent, Enterprise Centre, #09-01/11-02, Singapore 658080
+65 8823 8808
Daily: 8am – 6pm
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3. Rive Gauche

macarons - rive guache

Rive Gauche, which is named after a river in Paris, aims to deliver the most premium, artisan Parisian desserts to consumers in Singapore. Their multi-coloured macarons, which cost S$3.20 each, are vibrant both in appearance and taste, and come in simple yet classic flavours.

macarons - rive gauche

Select from 8 flavours, such as classics like Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel, or opt for something a little fruitier, like Strawberry or Mango. If you’re a fan of tea flavours, how about trying out their Jasmin Green Tea or Earl Grey Tea flavours?

Though Rive Gauche’s macarons are a little on the pricier side, they are also relatively bigger in size, and certainly don’t hold back on delivering the perfect textures and flavours.

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4. Jaded Macarons

macaron guide - jaded macarons 2

Looking for the most creative macaron flavours out there? Check out Jaded Macarons, an online bakery specialising specifically in macarons.

Their macaron flavours are super unique, with many of them taking inspiration from popular Asian foods. Take for example, flavours like Kaya Butter Toast, Ang Ku Kueh and White Rabbit Candy. They even have a Liu Sha Bao flavour, filled with a salted egg yolk lava core! Where else in the world can you find macarons like these?

macaron guide - jaded macarons

The macarons are sold in boxes of 5 for S$15. You can also choose to customise your flavour combination, though it is slightly pricier at S$17.50.

Jaded Macarons’ products can be ordered on their website for delivery, while their physical outlet is only available for appointments.

9 Yio Chu Kang Road, [email protected], #01-53, Singapore 545523
Mon to Fri: 10.30am – 6pm
Closed on Sat & Sun
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5. The Dark Gallery

macarons - the dark gallery

This entry is for all the chocolate lovers out there. The Dark Gallery, which is famous for its chocolate-based desserts, also offers a range of rich and chocolatey macarons.

The macarons are priced at S$3.50+ each, and come in 10 flavours. Their chocolate-based flavours are Very Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel, Earl Grey Chocolate and Speculoos Chocolate. They also have non-chocolate flavours like Rose Tea, Strawberry Lime and Pistachio.

macarons - the dark gallery

My favourite was definitely the Very Dark Chocolate macaron, which donned a black shell and a similarly dark-coloured filling. The macaron was rich in cocoa flavour, yet wasn’t too bitter or jelak.

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6. Bonheur Patisserie

macaron guide - bonheur patisserie 1

Bonheur Patisserie‘s name directly translates to Happiness Confectionery, and it’s no wonder why. This bakery offers a wide range of macarons with incredibly creative flavours, and they even have macarons with cute cartoon shapes and decorations!

Their macarons are sold in boxes of 10 and are priced at S$25 or S$30 per box. Try their Japanese-inspired Box (S$25), which comes with the flavours of Ichigo, Yuzu, Goma, Maple Rum Raisins, Matcha, Sakura, Miso Caramel, Cafe au Lait, Genmaicha and “Tokyo” Banana.

macaron guide - bonheur patisserie

You can even get customised shapes and cartoon characters! Just drop them a message on WhatsApp to get a quotation.

Bonheur Patisserie’s macarons are available for either self pick-up at Kovan, or via delivery.

767 Upper Serangoon Road, [email protected], #B1-04, Singapore 534635
+65 9221 6636
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Closed on Sat & Sun
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7. Patisserie G

macaron guide - patisserie g

Patisserie G‘s artisanal bakes include French desserts like tarts, eclairs, and of course, macarons. They utilise French techniques to create their desserts.

macaron guide - patisserie g 1

The macarons come in at S$3 each. Try out their classic flavours like Chocolate, Lychee Rose and Salted Caramel, or opt for something a little more exciting with their range of Asian-inspired flavours. Think of flavours like Kaya, Kopi Butter and even Green Tea Cherry, how fun!

For a list of locations and opening hours, click here.
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8. The M Plot

macaron guide - the m plot 1

When it comes to dessert cafes, The M Plot is not to be missed. The cafe is located in King Albert Park with an assortment of macarons that include Asian-inspired flavours.

Grab a 6 Macarons Gift Box for S$20, or a 12 Macarons Gift Box for S$40, where you can choose from flavours such as Dark Chocolate, Rose Petals, Pistachio, Virgin Mojito, Raspberry, Peanut Butter x Jelly and even Salted Egg Curry.

macaron guide - the m plot

Looking to surprise your significant other with a sweet treat? Why not gift them The M Plot’s Love Macarons Gift Box (S$20), consisting of 6 pretty heart-shaped macarons? Go all out with the Love Macaron Bouquet (S$69.90), containing 12 heart-shaped macarons wrapped in a bouquet.

9 King Albert Park, KAP, #01-05, Singapore 598332
+65 6223 1986
Mon, Wed to Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 6pm
Closed on Tue
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9. Haengbok Cakeyo

haengbok cakeyo - interior

Though macarons are French desserts, Haengbok Cakeyo has adapted the treat to add a Korean twist to it. Their Fatcarons and Fatfatcarons are macarons that contain ultra-thick and fat fillings, hence the name!

Each Fatfatcaron comes in at S$6 each, or S$20 for a box of 4. Their flavours include Rainbow Vanilla Cheese, Chocolate Rocher, Oreo Cheesecake, Apple Cinnamon and more.

haengbok cakeyo - fatfatcarons

I tried the Raspberry Pistachio, Ondeh Ondeh, Double Citron and Blueberry, of which the Raspberry Pistachio flavour stood out the most to me. The pistachio filling was my favourite element, as it was incredibly nutty and natural-tasting with generous crunchy bits of pistachio scattered throughout. The raspberry ganache was smooth and firm, while the raspberry jam added a unique tang to the whole dessert.

41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 168358
Thu to Mon: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Tue & Wed
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10. Sinful Cakes

macaron guide - sinful cakes

Sinful Cakes is a Muslim-owned bakery in City Gate, and true to its name, its rich and indulgent bakes are sinful indeed. They’re famous for their thick and chunky cookie cakes, and their local-inspired macaron flavours will be sure to satisfy your cravings.

macarons - sinful cakes 1

Try out their unique macaron flavours like Teh Tarik, Waffle Crisps, Thai Milk Tea, Ondeh Ondeh, Bandung and even Horlicks. Enjoy a box of 12 macarons for S$25, or grab a single one for S$2.50 each.

Chope Deals

371 Beach Road, City Gate, #02-44/45, Singapore 199597
Tue to Sat: 12pm – 8pm
Closed on Sun & Mon
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