Man Fu Yuan (满福苑): Celebrate This Chinese New Year With An Innovative Spin On Traditional Chinese Dishes

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Celebrate this Chinese New Year at Man Fu Yuan (满福苑), a contemporary Chinese restaurant that has been around for decades. Situated at the heart of the InterContinental Singapore, this long-standing establishment is renowned for their Chinese cuisine, comprising of seafood favourites and hand-crafted dim sum varieties. 

To begin your New Year on an auspicious note, indulge in their spread of Lunar New Year delights and prosperity set menus from the 2 January up till 11 February 2017. Catered to large groups, their culinary delights are guaranteed to satisfy families looking for a feast to celebrate reunion dinner.

This being the year of the rooster, they have designed an elegant Black Truffle Yu Sheng ($138) resembling the zodiac animal which, consists of premium ingredients such as, deep sea red crab, silver bait fish and fresh cuts of fruits.

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Highly recommended by the chef, this is sure to bring in abundance and good fortune for you and your family. Choose to top it up with ingredients such as abalone ($68), lobster ($58/300g) and salmon ($12) that are available at additional costs.

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Made to order, their Double Boiled Chicken Soup ($68 per person) is a thick broth that is brewed with fish maw, bamboo pith and Korean ginseng in a superior stock. Have this while it is served piping hot and you are in for a heart-warming treat.

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Unique for their home-style dishes, you can also expect simple fare like the Braised Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw In Superior Brown Sauce ($88 per person). Dip the sea cucumber and fish maw in the sauce and you will find that this is indeed a comforting dish.

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Cooked in a Chinese rice consomme, the Steamed Boston Lobster with Egg White ($13/100g) was fresh and tender, with sweet meat that tear apart easily from its shell.

Man Fu Yuan (15)

Picking every part of the lobster from the claw to the tail, I’d say we polished it clean without a shred of meat to waste.

Man Fu Yuan (16)

Introducing the Man Fu Yuan Supreme Treasure Pot ($398/5 persons). This indulgent pot of Chinese delicacies comprises a whole slew of seafood ingredients, including 10-head whole abalone, spring chicken stuffed with aged Hua Tiao wine and Pearl rice, spiky sea cucumber, fish maw, Canadian lobster, goose web, deep sea red crab, dried oyster, Australian scallops, live prawns and American sea whelks.

But that’s not all! It is also accompanied with vegetables such as, flower mushrooms, cabbage, fried bean curd skin, fried yam, sea moss, and finally, preserved meat and liver sausages. Making it absolutely rich and satisfying.

Man Fu Yuan (17)

Stuffed with glutinous rice, the Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig ($388) is slow cooked to a crisp perfection on the outside and a melting tenderness on the inside.

Man Fu Yuan (19)

As we bit into the crispy pig’s skin, the crackling sound is followed by sweet juices oozing into our mouth. The stickiness of the glutinous rice adds a nice texture to the crisp pork, as well.

Man Fu Yuan (20)

The glossy sweet sauce that came with the dish was immensely flavourful and heavenly. To enhance the taste of the pork and glutinous rice, simply coat them in however much brown sauce you like.

Man Fu Yuan (21)

And finally, for dessert, we had the Double Boiled Hashima with Eight Treasures Tea ($28) served in a whole coconut. Scrapped off from the husk, the coconut meat went extremely well with the hashima, both of which added a nice texture to the herbal Chinese tea blend.

Man Fu Yuan (22)

To complement that, we also had the Almond Pastry featuring a crisp exterior and a hot almond paste that flows out when bitten into. The perfect end to our hearty meal.

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Need I say more? I’m sure Man Fu Yuan’s innovative take on even the most traditional Chinese dishes have been well displayed here.

Bringing in only the finest ingredients, the medley of items their menu boasts are all cooked fresh to order under the chef’s skilful cooking techniques. It’s really no wonder that they are a popular haunt among lovers of Cantonese cuisine. Better make your reservations with them this New Year before all the seats get booked! Head over to their website to view their set menus.

Expected damage: $338++ per pax

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Address: Man Fu Yuan 满福苑, L2 InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966 | Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (12pm – 3pm, 6.30pm -10.30pm), Sunday & PH (11am – 3pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm) | Tel: 6825 1008 | Website