Grab Your Kit Kat McFlurry & Pandan Cone Now Available At McDonald’s Singapore


Even after the debut of the Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone, McDonald’s Singapore still manages to impress us with new desserts on the menu.

We’re pleased to announce that the Kit Kat McFlurry (previously priced at S$3.10) is now available across McDonald’s outlets in Singapore. A generous portion of McDonald’s signature vanilla soft-serve swirled with hot fudge, this delightful dessert is sprinkled with mini Kit Kat pearls for that extra crunch in the dessert. 

Mcdonalds Pandan Series Kit Kat Mcflurry Singapore Mar 2020 Online

If you’re more drawn to traditional flavours, McDonald’s has also brought back their famous Pandan Cones with a brand-new variation, the Pandan Twist Cone. If you’ve tried these ice creams when they were first released, you’d know that these are simply delightful.

In a soothing pastel green, these cones taste like the ice cream version of one of our national favourite cakes—the pandan sponge cake. 

Mcdonalds Pandan Series Kit Kat Mcflurry Singapore Mar 2020 Online 2

If you prefer heavier flavours in your ice cream, you might want to opt for the Pandan Hot Fudge Sundae or the Pandan McFlurry instead. 

Mcdonalds Pandan Series Kit Kat Mcflurry Singapore Mar 2020 Online 3

The Pandan Hot Fudge Sundae (S$2) uses the same pandan soft-serve as the Pandan Cone—just doused in hot fudge. There have been people voicing out that a different sauce may work better than the rich and overpowering hot fudge, but there has been no change in this series—fingers crossed that it might happen soon! 

It’s the same way with the Pandan McFlurry (S$3)—the Oreo chunks overpower the mild flavour of pandan. However, if you’re a big fan of the Oreo McFlurry, you should definitely check this out.

Head down to any one of the McDonald’s outlets in Singapore to snag these pandan delights before they’re off the menu again!

Dates & Times: Now available at McDonald’s dessert kiosks 

Price: S$1 depending on location (Pandan Cone & Pandan Twist), S$2 (Pandan Hot Fudge Sundae), S$3 (Pandan McFlurry)