McDonald’s Malaysia Launches Returning Favourites Such As D24 Durian McFlurry + Ice-Blended Ribena Avail Now For A Limited Time

I’m sure all of us are aware of the famous Nasi Lemak Burger’s return to McDonald’s Singapore. Coupled with the Banana Pie and Chendol McFlurry, it seems like a great way to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. Well, McDonald’s Malaysia has its own lineup with a limited menu as well.

Mcdonalds D24 Durian Mcflurry 1 2

Those who love the king of fruits, you will be pleased to know that the D24 Durian McFlurry (approximately RM7) is back! With chunks of said-to-be real D24 durian flesh swirled with vanilla ice cream, it sounds luscious.

For those who wish to spread the love, the D24 Durian McFlurry Party (approximately RM15) is perfect for sharing. Topped off with extra chocolate chunks, this would make a delicious and decadent dessert.

mcdonald's Nasi Lemak Burger Online 4
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Similarly, they have also brought back the Banana Pie (approximately RM3.50). It’s a crispy, crusty shell that’s packed with sweet and fragrant banana filling.

Mcdonald's Malaysia Online 1

An all-new Ice Blended Ribena (approximately RM9) is also on the menu. This blackcurrant fruit drink reminds me so much of my childhood. Sweet and icy, it makes for a refreshing drink to combat the hot and humid weather.

Mcdonald's Malaysia Online 2

The Sarsaparilla-flavoured Cones (from approximately RM3) are available as well. Sarsaparilla is the full name for Sarsi, a carbonated soft drink that tastes like root beer.

Mcdonald's Malaysia Online 3

Those who love their savoury food, get excited as McDonald’s Malaysia has launched two new items! The new Nasi McD (RM13.95 for one piece Ayam Goreng McD, RM16.95 for two-piece Ayam Goreng McD) is an elevated version of the usual with the add on Curry Sauce (RM1.50 each). The set is inclusive of Medium Fries and Medium Iced Lemon Tea.

The Chicken Foldover (RM16.95) is a returning favourite, with a bigger and definitely better comeback. With two pieces of grilled chicken patties accompanied by fresh vegetables and a new sauce enveloped within a pillowy soft flatbread, I can see why it’s so well-liked. Similarly, it comes with medium Fries and medium Iced Lemon Tea.

Dates & times: Available now at all McDonald’s Malaysia outlets for a limited time only

Prices: RM3 – RM16.95