McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger: The New Sambal Sauce & Coconut-Flavoured Chicken Thigh Patty Is The Chain’s Best Special Item In SG Thus Far

After a few failed “special” burgers from McDonald’s (remember the salted egg one?), I was beginning to lose hope that any new burgers would live up to the Samurai Burger and the Ebi Burger. But the Nasi Lemak Burger ($5.95 a la carte or from $7.80 in an Extra Value Meal) that was introduced on 13 July 2017 in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival 2017 is absolutely delicious.

The sambal chilli sauce had a nice kick of spiciness, but also added a good amount of sweetness alongside the caramelised onions. A fried egg tops off the crispy chicken thigh patty coated with cornflakes for an extra crunch.

I loved the fact that the patty had a distinctive coconut taste, along with the first hit of the sambal sauce really made it taste like I was eating nasi lemak with a good serving of chilli on the side.

I also tried the Bandung McFizz ($3), Chendol McFlurry ($3) and Coconut Pie ($1.20). Out of all these, I probably would only recommend the Bandung McFizz and Coconut Pie.

The carbonated Bandung drink was light and refreshing without being overly syrupy or sweet, perfect for pairing with the burger.

The Coconut Pie was a little more interesting, filled with cream that tasted similar to milk candy but with a subtle hint of coconut, and crunchy bits of nata de coco jelly inside.

While the Chendol McFlurry was sweet and had jelly bits included, I thought that it didn’t taste much like the dessert that we’re familiar with and the gula melaka sauce was definitely not substantial enough.

Let us know your thoughts on the new items on McDonald’s menu!

Expected damage: $6 – $10 

Nasi Lemak Burger: Available at McDonald’s stores islandwide | Website | Facebook