McDonald’s celebrates Pi Day with S$1 Pies from 12 – 14 March

One of the nerdiest holidays is upon us, Pi Day where we celebrate one of the widest used mathematical constants. As per tradition, Pi Day is a day to make use of how pie and pi are homophones of each other. This year, from 12 March to 14 March 2021, McDonald’s has decided to join in some of the fun by offering S$1 pies on their classic Chocolate Pie and Apple Pie. Although, the rather reader would note that McDonald’s pies are in an ergonomic and handle rectangle shape, but whatever, a pie is still a pie.

I don’t need to tell you how much reverence we put into the classic Apple Pie from McDonalds. That warm bubbly crust filled with cubed apples that’s always served piping hot is a comfort like no other. Plus, that crunch is enough to soothe anyone who needs a little more TLC at the moment.

Chocolate Pie from Mcdonald's
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Then, we have the Chocolate Pie. The news of its return was almost as hotly anticipated as that of the famed McGriddles. Almost a one-up from the Apple Pie, this one spells of warm, decadent molten chocolate that threatens to spill forth from those toasty interiors. It’s clear that we can’t stop at one with chocolate.

Of course, like any good McDonald’s connoisseur, I don’t have to tell you where to find these pies when you celebrate those numbers that caused so much angst during those dark secondary school days.

This is for the nerds and pie lovers out there, Happy Pi Day indeed!