McDonald’s brings back Shaker Fries and Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce from 2 June

This just in: McDonald’s is back again with shaker fries! The announcement was made through an Instagram post, where two dancers were lockin’ to a catchy “Shake ‘N Dip” jingle.

From 2 June 2022, customers will be able to enjoy two new items: Roasted Sesame & Seaweed McShaker Fries and Chicken McNuggets with Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce.

A picture of McDonalds' Facebook banner showing the shaker fries

As a nugget lover, I’ll definitely be spoilt for choice with four different dips to choose from: Sweet ‘N Sour sauce, Curry sauce, Barbecue sauce and Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce!

Is it finally time to unabashedly order 20 pieces of McNuggets so that I can enjoy a variety of different sauces, including the new nacho sauce? Time will tell.

A photo of the minion Potatoes

While the nacho cheese sauce is labelled as new, Singaporeans have actually tried it before back in 2020, during the Minions collaboration.

Back then, a Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle (S$5.50 per bottle) was released, along with Minion Potatoes (from S$2).

A Picture of the Shaker Fries

Singaporeans always love the shaker fries, and for a good reason— the DIY act of shaking a bag of fries is always so fun to do.

I am so excited that shaker fries are finally back! And it’s the ever so famous Seaweed Shaker Fries with a new twist: Roasted Sesame. I cannot wait to get my hands on these fries and the Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce once it’s officially available in stores tomorrow. Time to say goodbye to my diet for now.

We do not know when these limited shaker fries and nacho sauce will be taken away from us (again), so head down to your local McDonald’s soon before it’s too late.

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