Meiji Launches A Healthier And Guilt-Free Option Of Their Apollo Chocolates & Apollo Yoghurt On 4 Feb In Japan

As a fan of Japanese sweets and confectionaries, Meiji is my go-to brand for cheap and readily available chocolates to curb my sweet tooth and random sugar cravings. 

Like me, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the brand and would have seen their Apollo chocolates, two-layer, pyramid-shaped chocolate, being sold in major supermarkets. 

Apollo Online 4
Credit – Meiji Japan

In celebration of Apollo’s 50th anniversary, Meiji will be launching this famous chocolate in its yoghurt form, Apollo Yoghurt (¥210 for 70g X two-pack, ¥140 for an 80g cup), on 4 February 2020 for a limited time as an act of appreciation and to thank their fans and customers. 

Apollo Online 2
Credit – Gigazine

Mimicking the original chocolate, the Apollo Yoghurt also has two layers—a chocolate sauce base with strawberry pulp, topped with refreshing strawberry yoghurt. 

From its flavours to its packaging, the Apollo Yoghurt is designed to emulate and echo the popular strawberry-flavoured chocolate, capturing the hearts of old and new Meiji fans, expanding the brand’s exposure in the market. 

Apollo Online 1
Credit – Meiji Japan

Besides the Apollo Yoghurt, Apollo My Style (¥150), Apollo chocolates made especially for adult women will also be on sale from 4 February 2020 onwards. Designed to suit the adult’s palate, Apollo My Style is said to have reduced its sweetness by 25%, with enhanced strawberry flavourings. These ‘adult chocolates’ are also larger in size and packaged in a pouch so that you can re-seal it and enjoy anywhere, at any time of the day.

Like a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, Apollo Yoghurt is like a little devil in disguise. With that being said, I certainly won’t mind a cup of Apollo Yoghurt in exchange for the chocolates. After all, yoghurt has better health benefits and are friendlier on the waist. Isn’t it?

Dates & Time: Available from 4 February 2020 onwards, in all major supermarkets, while stocks last

Price: Apollo Yoghurt (¥210 for 70g X 2 pack, ¥140 for an 80g cup), Apollo My Style (¥150)