Famous Melody Curry Chicken Noodles to open 3 outlets – get 50 free sets for 3 days only

If you’ve heard of Melody Curry Chicken Noodles, I’m sure that you’ve only heard praises for it. With its distinctly unique background that’s plastered on their store header, this stall is helmed by a Chinese girl from an Indian village, mixing both heritages into the food she makes.

Due to the store’s popularity garnered from its original stalls, they will be opening 3 new stalls at different locations on 28, 29, and 30 Dec 2022. If you think that’s good news, stay tuned to hear about the freebies!

Melody Curry Chicken Noodles 1

These stalls will be located at Golden Mile Food Centre, Pek Kio Market and Food Centre, and Dunman Food Centre. All 3 are heartland sites, a testament to Melody’s penchant for interweaving her personal experiences into the food she creates.

To celebrate their grand opening, they will be giving out 50 bowls of tasting portions for free! The outlet at Golden Mile Food Centre will open on 28 Dec 2022, with tasting portions distributed from 25 to 27 Dec. At Pek Kio Food Centre (opening on 29 Dec 2022), bowls of curries will be given out from 26 to 28 Dec. And the outlet at Dunman Food Centre will open on 30 Dec 2022, with their trial period taking place from 27 to 29 Dec.

The sample plates given out are of smaller portions, but it’s free bowls of delicious curry noodles— what more can we ask for? One sample size will include a bowl of curry with Melody’s fragrant curry, tao pok, potato and bee hoon. Do note that you’ll be limited to one redemption per person.

Owner Melody Yen grew up in Lashio, Myanmar. Although she’s ethnically Chinese, Myanmar had a rather sizeable Indian community which allowed her to interact with people from multiple backgrounds regularly. And so, the birth of her curry chicken is based on their recipe, with her own input to other aspects!

Melody Curry Chicken Noodle 2

The dish looks unassuming with its typical set-up of a normal curry noodle dish. However, a bite in, and you’ll taste the aromatic notes of coconut milk and multitudes of spices— nothing like how a typical Chinese curry or Indian curry would taste like.

Accompanied by its fragrant curry is a slow-poached chicken thigh, deep-fried tofu, chunks of potato, and bean sprouts. It’s also sprinkled with coriander and Burmese dipping sauce (a refreshing concoction). To enjoy a bowl of melody (get it?), it’ll cost you S$5.50.

Try having the thick creamy curry with prata. I have just one word to describe it: sedap! The crispy prata set that consists of one plain prata and chicken curry goes for S$3.50.

Their original stall at Toa Payoh garnered crazy queues on a daily, making that the motivating factor for Melody to open more stalls in Singapore. It’s certainly a challenge to open 3 stalls back-to-back within 3 days, and it’s clear that the owners are fearless.

Melody Chicken Curry Noodle 3

Another dish to try at their new outlets is the Nasi Kunyit— an Indonesian dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric rice. To have it plain, it’ll cost you S$2.20. Some other delights you can enjoy exclusively at Dunman and Pek Kio Food Centre is the Melody Curry Fish Head (S$28.80)! The Pek Kio outlet menu even includes Crab Bee Hoon Soup (S$28), which launches after Chinese New Year.

With all this exciting news coming in at the end of the year, you’ll definitely find me queuing up at one of their new stalls to grab a bowl and end off the year well.

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