Midas: Baked Prata & Murtabak Puffs At Jalan Kukoh That Taste Just As Good As The Pan-Fried Version

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At Midas, you can enjoy your roti prata with less calories but with the same level of flavour as the pan-fried version. This is the first and only shop in Singapore to feature baked prata, as well as a few more of the chef’s personal creations.

If you’re wondering where Kukoh Food Centre is, it’s around the Outram Park and Robertson Quay area. Although it’s not the most accessible, I guarantee it’ll be worth your trip.

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To start, we got the Golden Pocket Corn Beef Murtabak Puff ($2.80) and the Golden Pocket Sardine Murtabak Puff ($2.50). The pastries comprise of homemade fillings, wrapped in the signature prata dough and baked till crisp.

In essence, it’s just a cross between a curry puff and prata, hence its name.

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The sardine was spicy yet surprisingly light on the palate. Unlike your usual tomato-y sardine filling, this one was less fishy and tasted very fresh. The beef was even more flavoursome and spicy, with the addition of corn that lent a mild sweetness to every bite.

Dunk the puffs in the curry provided for a greater dose of flavour.

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If you want to get a taste of the signature baked pratas, consider getting the Master Touch Chicken Curry Set B ($5.80), which comes with a pot of curry and two pratas of your choice. The two flavours offered are the plain and the spring onion. Stick to your favourites or get one of each to be adventurous.

We were rather sceptical about the baked pratas and how they’d measure up to the pan-fried versions, but we were pleasantly surprised. The prata was flaky and crispy, more so than the regular ones, and lacked the oily, jelak-ness you get.

The spring onions added a touch of freshness and complemented the curry well.

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The curry itself had a nice mouthfeel and was rich and thick. It wasn’t overly spicy and we ate it without any excessive sweating or panting. The curry comes with potatoes and a whole chicken leg which made it all the more satisfying.

However, we felt the chicken was a little bland and didn’t have much of a curry flavour. Apart from that, it was a near perfect, hearty meal.

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Lastly, we had another of the signature creations, the Golden Yolky Roti Prata ($5). Two plain baked pratas topped with a homemade salted egg yolk masala. Instead of your typical spiced potatoes, this one is made using salted egg yolk, giving rise to a sweet, spicy and savoury flavour.

The plain pratas were perfect to soak up the sauce and a great complement to the salted egg yolk. The salted egg yolk was elevated by the touch of spice, resulting in a balanced and flavourful topping.

We don’t usually find salted egg yolk masala around, let alone a salted egg masala prata! This is truly a one of a kind dish that you can only get here, and something we highly recommend trying.

For those die-hard prata fans out there, give this a shot and see how it measures up.

Expected damage: $5 per person

Midas: Blk 1, #01-16 Jalan Kukoh, Kukoh Food Centre, Singapore 161001 | Opening Hours: (Mon) 8.30am – 6.30pm, (Tues) 8am – 5.30pm, (Wed to Fri) 8am – 6.30pm, (Sat) 8am – 3pm | Tel: +65 9799 9182 | Facebook