Thrift & gift with Milksha 50¢ off unlimited cups of Tea Lattes with every Mango Series purchase till 31 Oct

We all love a good food deal, but when it comes to milk tea, I’m sure some of us get a little more enthusiastic. So hold tight to your seats at this latest offer by Milksha, and enjoy 50 cents off for unlimited cups of Tea Lattes (U.P. S$3.80 to S$5.10) with every purchase from the Mango Series drinks.

Milksha Online 1

This promotion runs till 31 October 2020, so just think of how much you’re going to save on your milk tea fix this coming month.

Milksha Online 2

The new limited edition Mango Series features two drinks: the Mango Frappe (S$6.20) and the Mango Earl Grey Latte (S$5.60). Both drinks are prepared with fresh mango pulp. The Mango Frappe is a luscious smoothie, promising to be a sweet and creamy refreshment. Meanwhile, the Mango Earl Grey Latte brings a more floral fragrance from the tea that complements the fruity mango base.

Grab the chance to try these two new tropical additions at Milksha while they last till the end of October 2020. With the 50-cent off promotion on the Tea Latte series, there’s all the more incentive to try the new Mango Series (unless you’re only there for the mango, in which case, maybe get two from the Mango Series and even more Tea Lattes).

Bask in your reputation for generosity as you treat your friends to the Tea Lattes while keeping the Mango Series to yourself.

Date & Time: Now available at all Milksha outlets till 31 October 2020 or while stocks last.

Price: S$6.20 for Mango Frappe; S$5.60 for Mango Earl Grey Latte; 50 cents off unlimited cups of Tea Lattes with every purchase from the Mango Series