Mint Chocolate Series Takes Over Shopee With New Edition Mint Chocolate Pocky

In 2018, one Reddit user defined mint to be the ‘spicy of the ice’. We definitely can’t get enough of that “spicy” kick!

We’ve moved passed “accidentally” consuming toothpaste, to openly popping mints and flavoured drinks.

Mint Chocolate Shopee 6
Credit – Shopee

Shopee users have curated a list of hot-selling Japanese mint chocolate snacks that are sure to deliver you to mint paradise.

Choco Mint Pocky Mint Chocolate Snacks Shopee 1
Credit – Shopee

First up, the freshest addition to the list is Choco Mint Pocky (S$7.80). It’s a new edition of Pocky that features a full-on chocolate biscuit stick and mint coating.

The Choco Mint Pocky is currently available in limited quantities on Shopee Singapore. Better get it choc-ed out before it goes out of stock!

Mint Chocolate Shopee 8
Credit – Shopee

Second in line is FUJIYA LOOK Mint Chocolate (S$12.55) and it comes in two versions. The Standard version sports mint cream and Ramune soda fizzy candy, with an outer coat of milk chocolate. Their Super version though, is loaded with mint fresh cream.

Oreo joins the fray with Nabisco Oreo Crispy Mint Ice (S$17.84). Each box contains 24 cookies, with mint cream filling sandwiched between two classic Oreo cookies.

Mint Chocolate Shopee 9
Credit – Shopee

If a strong mint flavour isn’t up your alley, KitKat Mini Amasa Premium Mint (S$9) bars are dotted with mint flakes.

And if mint itself wasn’t “icy” enough, we recommend you put FUJIYA Hiyashi Country Ma’am Chocolate White Mint Cookies (S$17.84) in the fridge for a taste. Their mint-flavoured cookie dough bits will pack a crunch straight out the freezer.

Mint chocolate isn’t new to us, but I’m currently wondering why people enjoy a mint, or a mint snack, and yet dislike mint leaves in their dish.

Dates & Times: Now available on Shopee

Prices: S$7.80 – S$17.84 (Excluding shipping fee)