Have a boozy Mid-Autumn with MO BAR’s mooncake-inspired cocktails

While most of us associate Chinese teas with mooncakes, the people from MO BAR is here to elevate our Mid-Autumn celebrations with a splash of booze that will last us through the night. Introducing MO Bar’s mooncake-inspired cocktails!

Mo Bar Moonncake Inspired Cocktail Online 3

Available in three flavours—Whiskey Oolong Milk Punch, Matcha Mule and Single Yolk Old Fashion—these exclusive cocktails are specially curated to ensure that each distinct mooncake flavour is infused into every sip of the concoction prepared.

Mo Bar Moonncake Inspired Cocktail Online 5

Green tea lovers will delight in the Matcha Mule, a matcha mooncake vodka with lime cordial and ginger beer while those who enjoy the nutty flavours of malted barley should give the Whiskey Oolong Milk Punch a try. 

Looking for something simple and less fancy, then the Single Yolk Old Fashion will be up your alley. This particular cocktail mixes bourbon with the taste of distilled single yolk mooncake and bitters—flavours that are sure to tickle the fancy of traditional mooncake fans.

Mo Bar Moonncake Inspired Cocktail Online 1

Each 140ml bottle is retailing for S$18 and the Mooncake Cocktail Collection consisting of all three bottles is at S$50 per set. You can also choose to complete your experience with the Mooncake Cocktail Combination (S$25) which comes with a bottle of cocktail and a tin of single yolk mooncake.

Why not embark on a journey of cocktail and mooncake pairing this Mid-Autumn Festival under the full moon with your friends and family? With MO BAR’s mooncake inspired cocktails, this will definitely be a celebration to remember. 

Date & Time: Now available for order via Mandarin Oriental’s website here

Price: S$18 per bottle, S$50 for Mooncake Cocktail Collection and S$25 for Mooncake Cocktail Combination

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