Momiji (Newton): Singapore Japanese Buffet Review (closed)

“A hidden gem, right under the nose of the Taxman”

Momiji Revenue House Entrance

We Singaporeans love everything Japanese – particularly the food and service – particularly when it’s a Japanese buffet that we don’t have enough of.  We just uncovered a gem in Novena that have both good food and service – right under the nose of the ‘Taxman’ at Revenue House. It’s definitely a plus to be working in Revenue House or around the area, with such an affordable and value-for-money restaurant.

Momiji - Assortment of Sashimi

First and foremost, the food – sashimi and seafood are fresh and well-stocked. The breath of selection is also immense, that you probably won’t be able to even try every item in a single visit.

Momiji japanese buffet singapore - Snow Crab Legs

Secondly, the service, for instance, every table here is thoughtfully equipped with scissors to cut the queen crab legs. Not only that, there are a lot of servers that will clear your dirtied plates very quickly to make room for you. I noticed the servers are young and are probably local students on school holidays, but they are very diligent and able to hold a conversation or two.

Momiji japanese buffet singapore- Fresh Mentaiko Oysters and Miso Oysters

These two factors alone are good enough for picky me to conclude that this restaurant got its strategy right on the pulse of the foodie’s wallet.  After all, the organization behind Momiji is the Suki Group, an established player with 30 outlets, 7 brands and over 700+ staff in Singapore.  Their family-oriented concept and themed restaurants are the type Singapore should have more, for us Singaporeans to bond over food with our families.

Momiji - Assortment of Oysters

For the Oyster lovers, you are in for a real treat! There are 7 styles of oyster preparation that will keep even the jaded oyster fan to have something to be excited about.

Momiji - Scallop Mentai

So far, you only seen the fresh seafood station, so let’s move to the grilled station. Each table has a number of clip tags for you to clip on your desired grill selection, so when it is nicely grilled, it will be delivered straight to your table.  Just look at these plumped up Scallops with roes, when grilled, they are heavenly!

Momiji - Grilled Deep Sea Prawns in Mentaiko Sauce   My favourite grilled prawns are perfectly done – where the prawn meat is not overcooked and easily separately from its crispy shell (or you can eat the whole thing). This is an absolute highlight.

Momiji - Grilled Miso Oyster with Grilled Mentaiko Oyster in background

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They also have grilled oysters too!

Momiji - Seafood Cawanmushi 3

Next is the steamed station, where there are a few different versions of Chawamushi for you to eat to your heart’s content.

Momiji - Ham with Mayonnaise and Mushroom TempuraLucky us were invited to try the Christmas special Honey Glazed Turkey Ham, with tempura and nacho cheese. It was delish.

Momiji japanese buffet singapore - Assortment of Sushi

For the Sushi lovers, you will be pleased to know their sushi is creatively done up to give a refreshing take to the normal sushi.

Momiji - Cuttlefish Mentaiko

The pre-grilled and Yakitori stations are impressive as well, with Squid with spicy salmon roe as my favourite that night.

Momiji japanese buffet - Salmon Ball

Momiji japanese buffet singapore - A Smorgasbord of Local Delights

Not sure if your family is like mine, but my parents don’t really like Japanese food (due to World War 2 perhaps?), but lucky Momiji’s selection of asian food stations are more than enough to please the elderly.  This certainly nailed the family friendly concept of ‘having something for everyone’.

Momiji - Waffle with an assortment of Haagen Dasz Ice Cream

Last but not least, the desserts are great – from the DIY waffle stations (can’t go wrong with fresh hot waffles), assorted cakes, chocolate fountains, to a big Haagen Daz ice-creams of assorted flavours.  The kids and the kids in us, will be satisfied.

If I have to take my entire combined families for a Japanese dinner at a wallet-friendly price – this is where I will be.

Expected damage: $41.80++ per pax Dinner for Adults ($34.80++ for Senior Citizen and $21.80++ for Kids)

Ps: Free-flow of Sapporo beer is available during selected hours too!

Momiji Japanese Buffet: 55 Newton Road, #02-02, Singapore 307987 | Tel: 6253 2459 | Website

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